First Wild Game Taken w/ my .41 Magnum!

East Galveston Bay Spec.
January 28, 2016
Roatan Double Tuna
January 28, 2016

Despite the poor forecast for the Thanksgiving break this year, my brother-in-law Andy and I headed out near Groesbeck to do some deer and hog hunting. While hunting from a ground blind Saturday morning, I took a shot at a large black boar at just beyond 40 yards with my .41 magnum. He ran, and although it felt like a good shot I could find no trace of blood. I decided to take a break from my search but made one more pass by where he was standing when I shot. At that point, I found a piece of liver lying on the ground about the size of two quarters. Not a single drop of blood other than what was on that piece of liver! I picked up Andy and we started searching the brush in the direction he had ran. While looking, we sighted a group of hogs. I made a stalk on them and ended up finishing the job on my boar from about 35 yards out, this time with a neck shot! The group scattered and the hogs ran in the wrong direction (for them); the one on the left ended up being hog #2 of the morning. These were the first shots taken at wild game with my S&W model 57! It was a great hunt despite the rain and cold.


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