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February 25, 2016
February 25, 2016

@ Your Service

T he “@” symbol is a pretty ridiculous invention. For all the flourish of its design—the italicized “a” nested in a broken circle, like a jaunty cattle brand—it doesn’t accomplish much. All it does is reduce an already tiny two-letter word by one character. A real slacker compared to more ambitious symbols. The % symbol gets credit for slimming “percent” down from seven characters to one. The # symbol is so versitile it can take out the words “number,” “pound,” and “hash,” all in the same paragraph if you want it to. There’s the $ sign, which enjoys universal popularity. Then, there’s the “&” sign, for which we have a particular fondness. After all, we successfully trademarked that one. 

This digression into keyboard symbology came as we were contemplating the growing importance of email as a means of communicating with you, our readers and subscribers.

Because some wizard back in the days of the original ARPANET figured out that the “at” symbol was useful in tagging electronic messages sent back and forth between eggheads at universities and military labs, this little underachieving symbol has skyrocketed in importance. But we continue to digress…

The point is, despite the explosion of texting, SnapChatting, Tweeting, Instagramming, Facebook posting, and whatever becomes the next great leap in technology for shallow over-sharing, email remains a critical tool for meaningful communication. 

One thing we never want to be guilty of is generating Spam. So, we are making every effort to ensure that if you are on our list of active email addresses, YOU WANT TO BE ON IT.

If you are a subscriber, we can use email to keep you up to date on the status of your subscription, and make it easier for you to renew (assuming you want to keep getting our monthly installments of Texas-focused outdoors content).

We can also alert you to the availability of each month’s Digital Edition, which comes out before the print version winds its way through the United States Postal Service (est. 1775).

And, we use emails to let you know about new projects and products we create, such as our books, our annual texas lakes & bays fishing atlas, and other cool gear we think you want to know about. 

We can’t—won’t—send any of this to you unless you want it. If you are on our subscriber list, and want us to be able to reach you this way, please take a minute to go to: and click on the Opt In box.

That’s all you have to do to stay in touch with us.

We know you receive dumptrucks-full of junk mail every day. We don’t want to be included in that heap. If you don’t want our emails, let us know. If you do, let us know that, too, and we will be @ your service.

E-mail Roy at [email protected] and Ardia at [email protected]


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