And the big bass keep coming from Toledo Bend

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March 15, 2016
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April 5, 2016





Lunker 109 was caught by Pleasant Hill angler, Dennis Blankenship, who was fishing from a pirogue. He caught the lunker on a weightless watermelon/red Zoom Brush Hog.

“I made about four to five casts working a brush line that headed up to a tree. He saw a swirl as soon as the bait hit the water. “I let it alone while as the fish took some line, and then I laid into her,” he said. After a short fight the bass was in his cooler and proceeding to Toledo Town and Tackle to have the fish officially weighed and measured.

Seventy-five years old Pastor Lynn Clayton of New Life Baptist Church in DeRidder knew someone “up there” was looking out for him when he saw the bass he just caught. He was using an ½ ounce orange belly Rat-L-Trap, fishing down by the dam. He didn’t know at the time the lure was missing two barbs on the front treble hook, and the rear treble hook also had a missing barb.

At about 10, his Rat-L-Trap came to a sudden halt. “I felt a wiggle and knew it was a fish. He slowed his retrieve down and loosened the drag to wear out the fish. “I knew he was tiring out.” Eventually he was able to land the fish. At Toledo Town and Tackle the fish weighed in 11.7 pounds.

Kyle Fisher and his wife were fishing in a cove by Indian Mounds. He was casting a Zoom Trick Worm. At about 6:55 p.m. he made what he referred to as dinky cast, the worm landing just a few feet from the boat. He felt a bump and immediately set the hook on an 11.04 pound bass for bass number 104 in the Toledo Bend Lunker Bass Program.

Moss Bluff’s Jeff Atchison reeled in a St. Patrick’s Day bass of a lifetime while fishing a Wacky Trick Worm near Buck Creek.

He and his wife’s original plan was to fish Hickory Ridge but couldn’t get there because of the dense fog. “So, on the way we stopped and fished the outside of a grass line on a point near Buck Creek.

On one of the first few casts he remembers throwing out and allowing his lure to sit once it reached the bottom, but it never did. “I saw the line taking off and set the hook. He knew he had a big bass by the fight the fish put up. After surfacing a couple of times during the fight, his wife netted the bass. The fish weighed in at 12.51 pounds and is Lunker number 99 in the Toledo Bend Lunker Bass Program


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