Elite Iron Sierra .338 Suppressor Review

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June 14, 2016
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June 30, 2016

You will be amazed at this how quiet a .338 Lapua Magnum can be when this Elite Iron .338 Sierra suppressor is attached to it.  That’s a 250 grain bullet running nearly 3,000 FPS and it’s hardly distinguishable from the .308 Winchester beside it.

Elite Iron has a reputation for heavy duty and super quiet suppressors.  What impressed me the most about this purchase is that Elite Iron sent me a threaded timing piece to mark top dead center of my rifle’s thread pattern before they built the suppressor.  Now when mounted, the suppressor’s baffles show the gas cut top dead center of the bore when it’s attached.  Elite Iron told me that this would minimize point of impact shift when the suppressor is removed.  However since this rifle shoots so well with the suppressor the only time I’ve shot it without it was for the velocity test in this video.

Savage 338 sierra 1

Savage 110BA in .338LM with the Elite Iron Sierra suppressor and Leupold MK IV scope.

The rifle used in this test is the Savage 110BA, one of the most affordable rifles that you can get chambered in .338LM.  I was told that several companies manufacturing .338LM rifles do not like their rifles to be compared with the Savage since it costs 1/3 the price and performs nearly as well.  The 110BA is surprisingly pleasant to shoot with low recoil that is best described as a slow push.  Since I’ve seen how impressively quiet this can is in .338 I think I might test it more on .308 rifles in the future.  Of course with it weighing in at 30 ounces it will be better suited for my larger bench rest type rifles.

The Sierra I tested was a direct thread on, but Elite Iron also offers SD models (not to be confused with QD) that mount over the barrel with the use of their muzzle brakes.  In the instance of the SD models a 10″ suppressor will only add 6″ length to your rifle.

As the video shows, the Sierra does a great job in taming a magnum muzzle blast.  The Elite Iron Sierra retails for $925, click here to find a dealer in your area here.


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