Early results from the POCO BUENO

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July 21, 2016
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July 27, 2016

Captain Kirk Elliott and the crew of the Reel Bounty reeled in two blue marlin to open the first day of the offshore division of the POCO BUENO fishing tournament.

“We were at the right place at the right time,” said Elliott, a Galveston native. “We have a lucky spot now, I guess, and hopefully we can catch a couple more. Everyone on the boat helped out catching both of them. I have an excellent crew, and we all worked together like a team.”

The first marlin weighed in at 406 pounds and measured 103 inches long. The second one weighed in at 547 pounds and 112 inches long, which brought cheers from the crowd when it was lifted on the deck.

Using a green lure on the 2008 Hatteras, Elliott and his crew each fought with the creatures anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour in the Gulf.

Jackson Hooper, 63, a native of Houston, swept the inshore division. He finished first in the master angler division with 37.20 points, the redfish division with 16 points and the trout division with 21.20.

“I have participated in the event for 20 years, and today was a great day,” Hooper said. “The fish were biting today, and I guess my boat, Spot Luck, used its luck today. Hopefully tomorrow, it still has some luck left in it.”

“It’s great that this event is still going on,” Fondren said. “Everyone takes the time out of their busy schedule to help put this on. This is truly a great event, and I know my father would be proud.”


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