EDITOR’S NOTES by Chester Moore
August 25, 2016
INSIDE FISH & GAME by Roy and Ardia Neves
August 25, 2016

High School Bass Fishing

I was happy to see another article on high school bass fishing in Texas Fish & Game. Thank you for highlighting this growing sport and giving young people their due. I have only seen one other article on this subject in any Texas publication, and I know I have seen at least three in Texas Fish and Game. I know you guys are truly leaders in doing things for young people and it is appreciated.

Britney Clarke

This is the second time Texas Fish & Game has run an article about High School Bass Fishing. I for one think it’s a great idea and that’s why I started a High School Fishing Team at the High School where I work. Not only did I start the High School Team I also started a Tournament Trail, The Central Texas High School Tournament Trail, We have just concluded our second season, which had student anglers from 21 different schools competing throughout the school year. Our trail operates in the Central Texas area and draws student anglers for both Middle Schools and High Schools from as far away as Waco to Austin. At our championship this year we had to say good-bye to a few fine young anglers as they are seniors and heading for college. The good news is that at least two of them will be heading to colleges that have fishing teams, and these two anglers will also be adding a couple extra dollars to their student accounts in the way of scholarship money they won at the Championship. It is such a thrill for me to be involved with these young anglers and we are looking forward to an even bigger season in the fall. One thing that I think needs to be addressed is the importance that boat captains play. As I always say, “We cannot do, what we do, without you.” Thanks for the article and keep them coming.

Henry Niemiec (Sure Strike Guide Service and Boat Detailing, C.E.Ellison High School)

Editor: Thanks for investing time in the students. Captains definitely play an important role and we salute them for it.

Cottonmouths and Other Snakes

Just wanted to thank you for publishing the article about cottonmouths and their mimics. It is important to understand things like this and to realize not all snakes are bad. Cottonmouths are interesting. I will run into them in the salt marsh and see aggression when I approach but very little on my deer lease much farther inland. Is it possible saltwater could make a difference?

Jack Bell

Editor: I have seen snakes and other animals act completely differently from place to place. I am not sure why one would be more aggressive than the other, but it is a mystery worth investigating.

Love for Doggett

Back in the seventies or early eighties while fishing the car bodies at San Luis Pass, I noticed a lanky ole boy catching his share of speckled trout, but to my surprise he was throwing them back. On the next meeting of him on the dawn patrol, I put two and two together, Joe Doggett. About that same time I met a young man working along the ship channel for a local rag, his name ended up being Doug Pike. I never let Doggett know that I recognized him, but he’s one hell of a fisherman. You never know who’s chunking beside you! 

Michael Bryant

Editor: Joe is obviously a great writer and a great guy. He is a true asset to Texas Fish and Game and the outdoor community.

Minn Kota



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