Costa Features New Sunrise Lens at Bass Event on Sam Rayburn

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October 5, 2016
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October 11, 2016

In our industry, it is fairly common to come across new gear that claims to revolutionize how we participate in our favorite outdoor activity.  This seems to be an even more common occurrence when it comes to new fishing gear.  Often time we find that these new “revolutionary” products are little more than a hyped up rerelease or redeveloped product.  When it comes to the new Sunrise Lens by Costa, the concept of a hyped rerelease could not be any further from the truth.

We recently had the unique opportunity to trek up to Sam Rayburn Reservoir, deep in the piney woods of east Texas, and hit the water with the folks over at Costa and their pro staff.  The shining star of this event was the newly developed Sunrise Lens.

I know what you are thinking, yet another new lens that will be helpful on the water but nothing to call home about.  WRONG!  These lenses are totally new and totally legit.

Costa developed the Sunrise Lens with a special formulation of color enhancement and color contrast tailored around dusk and dawn activity.  In addition to be specially designed to repel oil and water, the inside of the lens features an anti-reflective coating to prevent backside light from causing eye strain or reflection back into the eyes.

If you have ever been on the water and not been wearing polarized shades, you probably know how glare can affect your ability to clearly see beneath the surface of the water.  The Sunrise Lens features polarization that is tailored around the morning and dawn effects to allow the pupils, rods, and cones in your eyes to all work together to reduce eye strain.  These polarized high transmission mirrored lenses give you the advantage on the water by enhancing your sight beneath the surface.

After only ten minutes on the water at dawn I was able to truly see the difference.  Sight fishing became increasingly easier in low light allowing us to see those big bass buried in the Hydrilla below.

Check out the video above for more coverage of our trip and be sure to head over to Costa’s website and snag a new pair of shades with the Sunrise Lenses.


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