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December 29, 2016
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If you want to take defensive firearms training to the next level you should check out the Gander Mountain Academy.  Especially the 300 degree video shooting simulator. 

There is only so much training that you receive on a shooting range.  And even then, some ranges limit what you can do.  Several won’t allow you to draw from a holster or even shoot rapid fire, much less moving while shooting.  But these are all important skills for self defense.

The Gander Mountain Academy takes self defense training to a whole new level. Not only is it a video simulator that requires you to interact with the filmed situations, it is a 300 degree room that forces you to practice situational awareness and movement.   The five screens surround you each with thier own separate audio system so you also hear movement and noise from the direction the action is taking place.  The pistol you use is a modified Glock 22 with an infrared laser that registers with the projection system and a C02 powered reciprocating slide that simulates recoil.  It’s a state of the art system that provides excellent training opportunities.

I ran through 7 simulations in about an hour. There was a brief introductory setup by the instructor, and then a follow up training debrief after each scenario.  My instructor was a Marine veteran who is also involved with LEO and SWAT training that had great insights to each situation.  The simulator records all actions and shots placed on the screen so we were able to dissect each training session frame by frame to see my response time and accuracy.

Of course the greatest advantage of this simulator is the 300 degree construction. I’ve even had a chance to train with the FBI once in Alexandria, LA and they only had one flat screen in the room.  The 300 degree setup forces the student to practice the vital skill of situational awareness.  It is so easy to get drawn into the action right in front of us that we neglect scanning our surroundings.  This is easily seen at the second scenario of the attached video starting at 4:14.  I was so drawn into several guys at a vehicle I didn’t scan over my shoulder and allowed another attacker ambush me.  Sure I got shots on target in the video, but if that murderer had really opened fire on me from that distance I doubt I would have been able to return fire as well if I had been shot.

While I visited the facility in Spring, TX, there are 7 Gander Academies nationwide to choose from.  I couldn’t believe the price was only $25 for a half hour.  I would definitely recommend it for any armed citizen.  It is excellent training that opens your mind to several “what if” scenarios.  You can find out more here: https://gandermtnacademy.gandermountain.com/

Story by Dustin Ellermann


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