March 25, 2017
March 25, 2017

Scope Out Skeet’s New Tournament Series Rods 

Eagle Claw Wright & McGill proudly introduces the completely redesigned Skeet Reese Tournament Series rod line, featuring the first to market 10-foot telescopic rods designed specifically to meet the new 2017 B.A.S.S. rules.  This ultimate line-up of 26 rods harnesses several key Wright & McGill proprietary S-Curve, Pro Carbon, Micro Honeycomb, and S-Glass technologies meticulously engineered with actions and lengths to suit nearly any competitive situation or technique.  The patented double trigger casting handle is a true game changer for long hectic days in competition, increasing comfort and control while reducing fatigue.

The 6 telescopic rods easily collapse for storage in rod lockers and gunwales.  Skeet Reese was a pivotal player in implementing the new B.A.S.S. rules now allowing 10’ rods in competition.  As a dedicated Pro Staff member of Eagle Claw Wright & McGill, he helped develop, test, and bring these new rods to market before any other company.  

These rods aren’t just longer, they’re longer by design.  Each model was specifically designed for a unique application, whether it be flippen’, spinning, or deep water crankbait fishing.  

All casting models in the lineup feature the patented Double Trigger handle.  The first and only of its kind, these handles are a true game changer for anglers in all day competition.  The design allows for more control and comfort while casting, ultimately reducing rod fatigue.  This technology is further advanced by the counter weights in the butt section to create a well-balanced rod that feels lighter in hand and casts with ease.

The technique specific rods cater to nearly any competitive situation.  Offering casting distance and hook setting power unlike any other on the market.  Finished with Skeet’s iconic yellow color scheme and PackBay Minima Zirconium guides, these rods stand apart from the competition in nearly every way imaginable.


Quality Gear from Carhartt

Carhartt knows that in order to outfish them all, you have to outwork them all.

Over the years, Carhartt’s partnerships with bass fishermen Matt and Jordan Lee, Terry Scroggins and Trevor Lo, have shown us how the hardest working fishermen on the pro circuit need gear built to keep up. The same quality gear Carhartt has been making since men first started fishing in their brown duck back in 1889. Carhartt’s built for ice fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing, spearfishing, you name it. Take Carhartt from your backyard pond to fishing holes as big as the Bering sea.

Carhartt men and women take fishing just as seriously as they take their jobs. Our new high performance gear is designed for those passionate about the sport and spending time in the great outdoors. The time spent outfishing them all.

Today, Carhartt applies the same technologies that keep workers dry and sweat-free whether swinging a hammer or casting a line. Featuring Storm Defender waterproof breathable technology, Carhartt guys cast through a driving rain and angry waves in Carhartt’s Shoreline Angler Jacket & Bib. Force Extremes powered by 37.5 Technology dries sweat and enhances waterproof breathable performance to maintain your body’s ideal temperature and keep you comfortable—so you can play in the rugged outdoors longer. The Force Extremes Angler Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt is Carhartt’s first ever Angler specific shirt and is equipped with just the right amount of pockets, back ventilation and cooling technology to ensure you feel your best on the water.

The Angler Jacket and Bib can be purchased for $259.99 and the Angler Button-Down can be purchased for $69.99 on

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