Podcast: Gulf of Mexico Conservation, Sharks, Pink Dolphins and Getting Kids in the Outdoors with Guest Chester Moore

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On this episode, Dustin talks with Chester Moore Jr., editor in chief of Texas Fish & Game magazine and FishGame.com. Chester is an acclaimed outdoor writer and author of several books focusing around Texas’ wildlife, hunting and fishing. He has his own Wildlife Journalist blog and Wildlife Wednesday newsletter which goes out to many thousands of e-mail subscribers each week. We talk about conservation in and around the Gulf of Mexico as well as sharks, pink dolphins and other sea creatures as well as getting kids involved in the great outdoors in Texas and beyond.

Mentioned in Show:

Chester’s Ministry “The Kingdom Zoo”: https://thekingdomzoo.com/

Wildlife Journalist Blog: http://blog.wildlifejournalist.com/

OCEARCH Project Presented by COSTA: http://www.ocearch.org/

Gone Fishin’ Guide Service: http://www.gonefishin.biz/

Dustin’s Website: www.dustinsprojects.com

Texas Fish & Game: www.fishgame.com



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