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September 11, 2017
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“In addition to being low profile, secure and comfortable the Q-Series Stealth holster gives several safe handling options over traditional holsters.”

Holster choices are seemingly infinite.  We all have a box or drawer full of them as we keep trying to find a better option.  We want comfort, speed, retention, safety and concealment.  It’s difficult to find the perfect design, and Gary Quesenberry (yeah the same Gary I competed with on Top Shot) has released his take on the perfect holster.

Full discloser – I loved competing on Top Shot with Gary.  He was a great guy and downright friendly.  He is definitely an expert in his field, and while I’m not allowed to go into exact specifics of his background, we will just call him a lead firearms instructor for Homeland Security.  So when I saw he was releasing a holster a few years ago I was excited to see what he came up with, but it took me until recently to order one.

“In addition to being low profile, secure and comfortable the Q-Series Stealth holster gives several safe handling options over traditional holsters.”

The Q-Series Stealth is designed as an injection molded minimalist holster that only covers the trigger guard. I mean really, with modern plastics why does a holster need to cover the entire barrel and slide anymore?  The Stealth Holster securely snaps over the trigger guard so much that I can fling around the pistol by the holster upside down and it stays secure in the holster.

A big advantage to the minimalist design of the Stealth holster is that nearly all handgun functions can be performed with the Stealth in place.  You can load, unload, press check, and change magazines all with the added safety of the trigger guard completely covered.

The Stealth is designed as an appendix carry holster, but I don’t carry appendix too often.  However I found the Stealth to work just fine for me in the 3-4 o’clock position.  But Gary also realized that the appendix clip might not work as well with the appendix design so the Stealth holster also comes with a short section of paracord that allows you to use the Stealth holster without the clip.

And while we are talking about the Stealth’s spring clip, I want to mention that it is strong.  It is designed to be strong enough to be used with or without a belt.  And considering the holster’s strong retention on the pistol it has to be quite strong to stay in your pants if you aren’t wearing a belt, and it does.  I’ve tested it in several different ways over the past few weeks and haven’t had any issues with it not performing as needed.  It does take a bit of work to get off if I’m wearing a thick belt, but that’s much more desirable than the holster staying attached to my pistol on a draw.  The clip is also reversible for ambidextrous use in addition to being attached to the bottom of the holster in order for you to be able to tuck in your shirt in front of the pistol for maximum concealment.

The Q-Series Stealth is available for standard Glocks, Glock 42/43, and the S&W Shield at this time.  I’m sure the product line will expand as it gains popularity.  You can order one for $39.95 at http://www.qseriesllc.com

Dustin Ellermann


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