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October 30, 2017
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November 6, 2017

SWAT office Mike Plumb made marksmanship history when he shot a revolver from Doug Conley’s hand from from approximately 80 yards away. 

Back in August 1993 the world watched an armed standoff with a suicidal Doug Conley who was sitting in the street waving around a large revolver as he demanded to have a lawyer write his will after which he would kill himself.  The stand off lasted for 2 hours until SWAT team sniper Mike Plumb was given the green light to disarm Conley – from a distance.

The video clip will remain as one of the most impressive shots in law enforcement for decades to come.  The pieces of the shattered revolver remain on Mike Plumb’s wall after being gifted to him by his department.

Watch the full news story:

The rifle Plumb used was a Steyr SSG PII in 7.62×51 (pretty much a .308 Winchester).  Plumb was obviously skilled and confident in his rifle.


Here is another similar story where the deputy disarmed a criminal by shooting down the thug’s barrel (but it wasn’t as intentional as Plum’s situation.):

Dustin Ellermann


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