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January 24, 2018
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Responsible firearms owners know the value of keeping their guns secure.  But sometimes with security we lose accessibility.  Tactical Walls not only keeps your guns secure, but it allows you to conceal them in easily accessible areas so you can get them quickly.

I’ve followed Tactical Walls since they released their first line of hidden mirror units.  These required the user to cut out a section of the wall where the it was mounted and the mirror would slide back and forth concealing whatever you wished to stash behind it.

The Wall covers fit mount between studs to give ultimate concealment.

Tactical Walls ever expanding product line now includes a cool variety of wall covers, clocks, lamps, tissue boxes, tables, and even shelves all designed to conceal and secure firearms with in cool secret agent style.

I recently mounted the 42” shelf unit in my home and have been very pleased with it.  While I have a gun safe with a digital combination I found that under adrenaline there is a shortcoming: enter the wrong code too many times and it shuts down for several minutes.  This feature alone made me want to invest in a Tactical Walls shelf for safe and fast storage of my defensive rifle and handgun.

Sure it’s not as secure as my gunsafe.  Give me 2 minutes and a crowbar and hammer and I could destroy the shelf and grab the rifle.  However if I hadn’t told you it was there, you would never attempt to do such.

The shelf is available with magnetic locks or RFID.  To use the magnetic locks you place two magnets in hot spots to allow the shelf to open slowly and dramatically with its hydraulic arms.  However the RFID system is much quicker since you only need to wave the RFID device over one of the two hot spots to open the shelf.

The shelf was very easy to mount.  The only issue I’ve found in the several months of use was the foam adhesive worked it’s way loose and I needed to re-glue it so my rifle didn’t shift down upon opening.  And sometimes I have to wave the RFID about a second or two longer than other times while I find the hot spot.  But other than that, the Tactical Wall Shelf is awesome.  And while their shelves are plenty strong to support your firearms, they aren’t designed to hold much more weight.  So don’t plan to put a 42” television on top.

.Tactical Walls product line expands to Furniture and Decor


If the $399 rifle shelf is out of your budget check out the decor items such as the lamps, clocks, and even the “Issue” tissue box.  While these don’t secure your handguns with a lock, they do conceal them well.  I wouldn’t recommend it if you had curious children around, but otherwise it would allow you to keep handguns handy in strategic places around the home and office.

See Tactical Walls full line at www.tacticalwalls.com.

Dustin Ellermann


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