COASTAL FORECAST: Sabine – July 2018

COASTAL FORECAST: Galveston – July 2018
June 25, 2018
June 25, 2018

Take Advantage of July Conditions

I ‘M NOT QUITE SURE how it happened so fast, but somehow or another we’ve already made it past the halfway point of 2018.

July has snuck up on us, and in case you haven’t started already, it is time to give some serious thought to fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s time to take advantage of the calm winds and green tides that this month offers.

The surf will be a popular and proven destination for many along the coast. Whether you get there by car or boat, wade or drift, the payoff can be huge.

Hungry trout and reds are looking for an easy meal while cruising the guts, They are more than willing to take soft plastics, mullet imitations, silver spoons or live bait.

We spend a lot of time drifting the first and second guts this month catching hefty stringers of trout as well as some nice reds. When the winds are favorable and the green water has made its way to the surf, it’s almost hard not to score big.

If you’ve got finger mullet and surface activity you can really up the ante. One of the coolest things about fishing the surf in July is that if you live close enough and the conditions are right you can drive down at daylight, catch a quick limit and be home in plenty of time for your other obligations.

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Another good option would be to hit the short rigs. The trout bite at the rigs is hitting its stride this month with nice hauls being taken on artificials as well as live bait. Soft plastics such as Bass Assassins and Norton Bull Minnow will get the job done as well as rattletraps, spoons, MR51 MirrOLures and topwaters.

You do have to be careful throwing your expensive lures though because the Spanish mackerel and all their line cutting teeth can get pretty thick in the warm green water.

For those who prefer to fish with live bait, if you can get your hands on live shrimp or croaker, use it!

Both are deadly when it comes to big numbers and big trout on the surf and at the rigs. Finger mullet and shad will also work well and are an easy cheap alternative for those who can’t find or afford the others.

Most of the fish are caught near structure by casting to or between the legs. It’s also a good idea to check your sonar for pods of baitfish or any other unforeseen structure. If the bite slows, try casting away from the rig and fish all sides before moving on. A lot of times, for whatever reason, the fish will stack up several yards from the rig and you will be back in action.



LOCATION: Surf, Johnson Bayou, Louisiana

SPECIES: Jacks, Trout, Reds

BAITS/LURES: Live Shrimp, Topwaters, Soft Plastics

BEST TIMES: All day when the green water is in


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