The FBI Breakdown On Active Shooters

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Active Shooters

The FBI Report on Active Shooters Breakdown

The FBI has designated 50 shootings (20-2016 & 30-2017) as Active Shooter incidents.  These shootings represent 221 deaths and 722 wounded.

The FBI classifies an “Active Shooter” as one or more individuals actively engaging in killing or attempting to kill multiple people in a populated area.

The 50 shooters ages ranged from 14-66 years old.

So these numbers and research will not show gang violence, domestic violence or isolated homicide.


Active Shootings by the #’s


The 50 Active Shootings were in 21 states.

221 Killed & 722 Wounded

13 Law Enforcement Officers’ Killed

20 Law Enforcement Officers’ Wounded

50 Shooters- All Male

13 Shooters Committed Suicide

11 Shooters Killed by Law Enforcement

8 Stopped by Citizens

18- Apprehended by Law Enforcement


The 40 Active Shootings were in 26 states.

92 Killed & 139 Wounded

4 Law Enforcement Officers’ Killed

10 Law Enforcement Officers’ Wounded

42 Shooters – 39 Male & 3 Female

16 Shooters Committed suicide

14 Killed by Law Enforcement

6 Stopped by Citizens

12 Apprehended by Law Enforcement


Now, we are going to focus on 2016/2017 and try to take as much as we can from these numbers.  The 221 deaths are mainly from 3 deadly events.

The Las Vegas Festival Shooting (58 Killed-489 Wounded)

The Orlando Pulse Night Club Shooting (49 Killed-53 Wounded)

The Sutherland Springs Church Shooting (26 Killed-20 Wounded)

When we read these numbers we all think the same things- could anyone have stopped this, why did this happen, how did they kill that many people, when will this happen again?

In the 8 cases that were stopped by a citizen, only one was wounded.  Their selfless actions saved dozens if not hundreds of lives.

Of these 50 shootings 6 is the most in a single state and were committed on Texas soil.  With California and Florida having 5 each.

It is hard to grasp mentally that these active shooter situations are becoming more and more common.

As armed citizens, I believe we can make a difference. I certainly would like to think in that moment we would be able to react accordingly to stop the shooter.

It is a sad state of affairs we live in when Schools and Churches are places where there has been the most bloodshed.  I certainly don’t have the answer to this massive problem. Do you?

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Shane Smith


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