1,200 Lumens! Olight PL-2 Weaponlight

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Cop Drops Active Shooter from 50 Yards (Body Cam Video)
August 22, 2018
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September 4, 2018

In the never ending race for the brightest weapon lights Olight brings the affordable PL-2 to the table boasting of 1,200 lumens and a 235 meter reach.

From August 24-31 you can get the limited edition desert tan PL-2 for 25% off for $82.49. 

I was able to test out the PL-2 and easily hit targets out to 70 yards with my suppressed Glock 19 at night:

The PL-2 easily mounts on your Glock or 1913 rail with the lever.  No tension adjustments are necessary.  The dual 123 battery compartment easily pops open from the rear but it securely fastened while in use.  The ambidextrous buttons are easily activated for the light’s 3 modes.  Holding either side down will activate the light momentarily.  Tapping either button will turn the light on constantly.  And tapping each side at the same time activates the strobe in order to disorient your target (the living and dangerous kind).

But my favorite part of using a weapon light is that the beam catches the tail end of the bullet and allows you to actually see it streak towards the target.  You can even see this in the video footage.  So then I took this opportunity to shoot some Streak Ammo that some friends gave me at SHOT Show.  Streak Ammo is just like shooting a tracer, but it doesn’t work with heat nor any incendiary chemical so it’s perfectly safe and more accurate than traditional tracers.  It even showed up in the video footage  with a bright red streak towards the target.

A 147 grain 9mm Streak Ammo streaking through the air at night towards the target.

A 147 grain 9mm Streak Ammo streaking through the air at night towards the target.

If you have never had the opportunity to train with a handgun at night in a defensive scenario I would encourage you to do so.  For one thing – it’s neat!  Seeing the bullet in flight off the the reflection of a weapon light is cool.  Then it will also show you what to expect.  For instance the smoke seems much more thick at night through a light.  And while I was using a suppressor the muzzle flash could also be blinding with certain calibers and loads.

And if you want an Olight PL-2 on sale, especially the Desert Tan color, be sure to take advantage of this sale: O-Light PL-2  before they jump back up to $99.  But even then, for the quality and brightness they offer a very competitive price.


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