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August 24, 2018
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August 24, 2018

Baffin Back to School

Baffin Back to School

AFTER THE LONG SUMMER of really “hot” action, anglers on Baffin Bay begin keying in a several factors: Friday night football, deer lease fix-up, getting kids back in school or college dorms. 

It all adds up to one thing—very few people and boats on the water, fishing. With all this space, peace and quiet, anglers have it made.

Sight casting and fly fishing in the super shallow water is one of the highlights, but lots of folks don’t know that big trout have a fall spawn. It starts when the water temperature begins to drop a little from its summertime highs.

Baffin Bay has been producing impressive trout all summer long, some into the nine-and-a-half-pound range. With those numbers, looking into the early fall; optimism is high for double-digit trophies to be caught and landed.

Big trout have been hanging out with the shallow water, redfish most of the summer. Knee-deep water is a good place to start pre-dawn and the entire bay system is completely packed with food.

Baffin Bay has made a transition this year and has produced lots of grass on all shorelines and sandbars. This really gives the little critters a place to stay. The rocks, of course, are another gathering place for all things food. They act more like a coral reef, which attracts the little food, the bigger food and the really big food. In turn, this attracts all of the predators that feed there.

With all the rain the bay has received this summer, it has a bumper crop of crabs beginning to grow. That’s heaven for the masses of redfish and black drum that call Baffin home.

Most anglers don’t think of Baffin Bay as a Mecca for fly-fishing, but that could not be farther from the truth. No boats running the shoreline, the grass flats and the sand means that the big predators are comfortable. They’re feeding at will when Mother Nature gives them the go-ahead.

Fly-fishing and sight casting both are addictive games, and lots of anglers realize that the time to pursue this sport is the summer and fall. Stable weather, super clear water and hungry fish give even beginners a solid chance for bent-rod success.

Orvis has endorsed Baffin Bay Rod and Gun for fly fishing and wingshooting, so the pursuit of shallow targets has continued with a vengeance. If you don’t need another sport addiction, then don’t try fly-fishing; you will be hooked in no time.

Trophy trout seekers, however, are already addicted and early fall gets them back in the game. The fall spawn is not as evident as the late spring spawn, but it’s happening nonetheless.

With this summer’s track record of big trout, Baffin will be prime for a really big girl this fall. The State Record should be in jeopardy here, especially in areas like the Cayo del Grullo and Alazan Bay.

The summer, as usual, has passed too quickly. The next big event in the South Zone is the opening weekend of dove hunting. This year it is a weekend earlier, beginning on September 14, 2018.

Getting the shotguns out of the closet and refreshing that camo sends all the labs, and other retrievers into a tizzy. Start working with those couch retrievers to get them acclimated to the heat and exercise before the day they are asked to bring back several limits of dove.

Keep a close eye on their behavior and make sure they don’t become over-heated. Lots of water and a little rest in the shade between retrieves will keep them in good condition—and everyone happy. Everyone loves watching those dogs do the things they love to do, and it’s the best part of any hunt, be it dove or ducks.

All of us at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun are living the dream. Big trout, fly-cast reds and drums, along with bonus fish such as flounder give us the fix that we have been living for most of our lives.

The best lodge, the best guides and an adventure that includes fish, dove, ducks and dogs—who could ask for anything more? Join us here at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun for a five-star adventure and experience for EVERYONE—seasoned outdoorsmen or rank beginner.

How lucky we are to live in harmony with all of God’s creations, enjoying the peace and serenity that only the outdoors can give.

Hope to see you soon.


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