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November 24, 2018
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November 24, 2018

Time Flies When the Fish Bite

THE YEAR HAS BEEN A BLUR here at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun as we’ve been blessed to host lots of guests here to share the cycle of life on the bay.

From the end of duck season last year in January and the beginning of trophy trout in February to the celebration of spring beginning in March, the first part of the year flew by. Trophy trout continued through early May, with lots of hard-core fishing focusing on that one thing—a Baffin Bay Big Girl.

Kids got out of school, and summer fun rolled into full swing, with the lodge full of families and pool-side activities. Legendary fall fishing and dove hunting began and moved into mid-October when the first cold fronts of late fall began.

Water temperatures start to fall, then duck season begins, and the cycle of life on Baffin Bay moves on. Living life through the seasons of Baffin Bay is an interesting experience with lots of wonder and excitement.

December is packed with duck hunting and trophy trout fishing combined into an adventure called a “Blast and Cast.” Cramming two full days of hunting and fishing into one day is a challenge.

Beginning in the pitch-black dark, and ending near sunset, this is a super-full day of outdoor adventure. Baffin Bay Rod and Gun offers more than just a “Blast and Cast,” however. A morning duck hunt without a fishing trip in the afternoon is called a “Blast and Nap,”, and a full day of fishing without a duck hunt is also on the menu.

Bringing the right gear is critical to having fun all day. Being cold and wet sucks.

Spend real money on the very best waders, base layers, waterproof jackets, hats and gloves and anything else that guarantees comfort under any conditions.

It’s better to take it off when it gets warm than to not have it if it gets cold or wet. Being comfortable makes everything better while hunting or fishing in the winter.

Baffin Bay has had lots rain this year. The condition of the Bay and the mass expanses of shoreline grass in all bay segments are perfect for a great duck season. Sitting on camo captain’s chairs behind brand new state-of-the-art panel blinds on the bank is a comfortable and effective way to hunt.

Guides at BBR&G hunt “where the ducks want to be,” meaning, in their flyways between the fresh water tanks on the King and Kenedy ranches, and the grassy saltwater shorelines of the Cayo del Grullo, Alazan and Baffin Bays.

It’s all about those retrievers, however. Watching those Labs work and have fun retrieving ducks makes the entire day a joy.

It’s time to get serious about wade fishing for trophy trout on Baffin Bay. Low and slow is one of the best ways to target big fish who are generally shallow (knee deep to waist deep). Whether tossing bigger paddle tails like the fat, five-inch Saltwater Assassin Die Dapper, or a Corky, the big fish hang on the bottom and move slowly in ambush areas such as potholes, edges and drops.

Top water lures can be deadly on the right days. Where there’s visible action on the top of the water or lots of nervous mullet churning about, tie on a Super Spook, Jr, or a Yozuri 3DB if it’s relatively quiet, or a loud Skitterwalk, One Knocker Spook, or an obnoxious She Dog for some big blow-ups if it’s cloudy and windy. Color is less important than the sound that the top water makes.

The solunar tables and the moon phases are just as important to fishing as they are to hunting. Baffin Bay has no tide, but it does have wind that blows the water around (in essence, a “tide”).

Weather and barometric pressure can also be an indication of feeding activity. Putting all of this information together while making a fishing game plan for the day can really make a difference.

The guides at BBR&G are the very best at using this information effectively, all the while teaching their clients the importance of paying attention to the signs.

Then, don’t forget about the Christmas. One of the best Christmas presents that you can give is a gift certificate for hunting and/or fishing at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun. Between Christmas and New Years, BBR&G is open to host anyone who needs a quick get-a-way, or even a last minute fishing trip. Just call.

Merry Christmas to the outdoorsmen of Texas. We can’t wait to start a new year and begin again to enjoy the cycle of life and the “seasons” on Baffin Bay.

Whether you’re seeking trophy trout or some wall-hanger ducks, or both, Baffin Bay Rod and Gun is home base for both activities. Please give us a call to see what this is all about, and to live a five-star experience and adventure at BBR&G. See you soon at “The Last Best Place on the Texas Coast”.

Capt. Sally Black; Professional Fishing and Hunting Guide since 1998, and co-owner, Baffin Bay Rod and Gun.

Email Capt. Sally Black at [email protected]



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