EDITOR’S NOTES by Chester Moore – December 2018
November 24, 2018
INSIDE FISH & GAME by Roy and Ardia Neves – December 2018
November 24, 2018

Conservation Kudos

THANK YOU FOR your conservation awareness that you post publicly!

Many people think I’m liberal because I’m green. I always ask why don’t conservatives believe in conservation anymore? I believe 100 percent in the word conservative, so it affects my beliefs on politics and the environment, too.

I just think it is amazing you have the guts to speak about the little guys, the animals that are vanishing as a conservative. Preach! You have an audience and a passion to protect the voiceless.

Editor-in-Chief Moore believes Texas Fish & Game has been a powerful voice for wildlife conservation

Editor-in-Chief Moore believes Texas Fish & Game has been a powerful voice for wildlife conservation and will continue to be for years to come. He has personally been involved with conservation efforts for years. Here he is getting to release a banded blue-winged teal when his friend wildlife conservation artist extraordinaire Calvin Carter invited him to cover a US Geological Survey banding effort at Beaumont, TX.

There are folks fighting for the rainforest, I’m very much in tune with those organizations, so I see it every day, but your perspective is enlightening that mainstream people have been steered away from conservation by political issues. I will be pondering in this. Thank you for the thoughts.

The small conservation groups you speak of do need help. They are up against deceived people who would identify as “conservatives” with deep pockets who seek to clear land and suck dry the oceans for profit no matter the losses. Clear-cutting, mining on pristine salmon hatcheries, over fishing, isn’t that a liberal use of resources? Killing without reason, isn’t that a liberal use of life… yet these are the choices of so called “conservatives”…. I could write a blog on that. Ha-ha.

You can and do put a human relationship on the issue. This is so vital to conservation of species, enlightening good people that will care if only they become aware of the issues from someone they can relate to in our polarized world. Your blog made me aware that sawfish are critically endangered, I had no clue and I consider myself informed on this stuff, so I can only imagine what you are doing for others.

I just had to stop and write you some encouragement. Keep up the good work! The good fight!


Jeff Copeland (Copeland Magic)

Editor: I can’t think you enough for what you said here. It has not been easy speaking these views in a world where many people think if you perhaps simply choose not to kill a certain type of animal that you are an animal rights activist. True green means true conservation. and we have the opportunity to lead the way in this in the hunting and fishing community, but I think we have to include species that we don’t hunt or fish for to make a big impact. Thank you for recognizing this.

Reavis Rocks!

THIS IS FOR REAVIS WORTHAM. I’ve been welding steps and a platform in order to avoid using a ladder to get up into my deer blind come this next season. 

August, mid-day on a clear day on a concrete driveway is actually the best time of the year to do this kind of work. Cuts down on people coming over to “help” or to offer advice. Cuts down on how much beer they mooch as well.

Anyway, I got to a good stopping place at about 1:30. Headed for the back porch under a fan with 2 cold beers (and counting) to read today’s mail. I was pleased to find the newest TF&G. As always, I start at the back. Looked at some kids making memories, then read your latest missive. That could have been me in that story. Remember when you came running home that time bleeding freely and your mom yelled “ get outta the house…you’re bleeding on the carpet! Out! Out!”?

Maybe it didn’t happen that way for you, but it did for me…. more than once. 

A correction to a statement you made. You said teachers look forward to the beginning of school. Not true sir. I taught high school for 32 years. Not once was I eager to go back. It was a great career. But I was the one the other teachers asked, “How many more Mondays?” I always kept up with how many more until the next extended holiday or summer break.

Great story, sir. Keep it up!

Thank you!

Larry Caldwell

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