SPORTSMAN’S DAYBOOK-Tides & Prime Times – May 2019

April 24, 2019
HOTSPOTS: Freshwater – May 2019
April 24, 2019

The following pages contain TIDE and SOLUNAR predictions for Galveston Channel

(N 29.3166°, W 94.88°).

TIDE PREDICTIONS are located in the WHITE SPACE above the TIDE GRAPHS on the Calendars. Use the Correction Table in the RIGHT TAB BELOW, which is keyed to 23 other tide stations, to adjust low and high tide times.

PRIME TIMES are in the GREEN BOXES above the Tide graphs. MAJOR and MINOR Times are based on a ZERO POINT at Galveston Channel GPS Coordinate (N 29.3166°, W 94.88°). To adjust for points EAST and WEST of the Zero Point, ADD 1 MINUTE for every 12 LATERAL MILES WEST of the Zero Point and SUBTRACT 1 MINUTE for every 12 LATERAL MILES EAST of the Zero Point.

BEST TIMES for each day are in RED BORDERED BOXES between Tides and Prime Times. BEST DAYS of the month are indicated when this box is YELLOW.


TIDE PREDICTIONS are shown in graph form, with High and Low tide predictions in text in the white area above on the left.

FISHING SCORE: A second RED GRAPH overlays the Tide Graph, indicating periods when fishing activity should increase and decrease throughout the day. This score is derived from data relating to tidal flow and positions of the sun and moon.

SOLUNAR ACTIVITY data is provided to indicate major and minor feeding periods for each day, as the daily phases of the moon have varying degrees of influence on many wildlife species.

AM & PM MINOR phases occur when the moon rises and sets. These phases last 1 to 2 hours.

AM & PM MAJOR phases occur when the moon reaches its highest point overhead as well as when it is “underfoot” or at its highest point on the exact opposite side of the earth from your positoin (or literally under your feet). Most days have two Major Feeding Phases, each lasting about 2 hours.


Sabine Bank Lighthouse | High: -1:46 | Low: -1:31

Sabine Pass Jetty | High:-1:26 | Low: -1:31

Sabine Pass | High:-1:00 | Low: -1:15

Mesquite Pt, Sab. Pass | High:-0:04 | Low: -0:25

Galveston Bay, S. Jetty | High:-0:39 | Low: -1:05

Port Bolivar | High:+0:14 | | Low: -0:06

Texas City Turning Basin | High:+0:33 | Low: +0:41

Eagle Point | High:+3:54 | Low: +4:15

Clear Lake | High:+6:05 | Low: +6:40

Morgans Point | High:+10:21 | Low: +5:19

Round Pt, Trinity Bay | High: +10:39 | Low:+5:15

Pt Barrow, Trinity Bay | High: +5:48 | Low: +4:43

Gilchrist, East Bay | High: +3:16 | Low: +4:18

Jamaica Beach, W. Bay | High: +2:38 | Low: +3:31

Alligator Point, W. Bay | High: +2:39 | Low: +2:33

Christmas Pt | High: +2:32 | Low: +2:31

Galveston Pleasure Pier | High: -1:06 | Low: -1:06

San Luis Pass | High: -0.09 | Low: -0.09

Freeport Harbor | High: -0:44 | Low: -1:02

Pass Cavallo | High: 0:00 | Low: -1:20

Aransas Pass | High: -0:03 | Low: -1:31

Padre Island (So. End) | High: -0:24 | Low: -1:45

Port Isabel | High: +1:02 | Low: -0:42










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