Using Spinnerbaits In Windy Weather

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April 24, 2019
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April 25, 2019

Just about everyone I know loves to fish in the spring. The problem in our area is that this often means extremely high winds.  Many of the soft plastic baits that I love to fish are almost impossible to fish in heavy wind.  Rather than simply give up, I haven chosen to adapt and use spinnerbaits.

One of the best baits that I have found for fishing in the wind is a spinner bait.  While I mainly fish for largemouth bass, spinnerbaits are also extremely effect for redfish as well.

Here are a few things to consider when fishing a spinnerbait.

1). Don’t be afraid of fishing a bigger or heavier spinnerbait.  Many times, it takes a larger bait to encourage a larger fish to strike.  This doesn’t mean that small fish won’t strike a big bait though.  I have caught bass that seemed to be smaller than the spinner bait I was using.   The heavier spinnerbait is often my choice since it is easier to cast in the wind.

2).  Pay attention to color.  When I am on a fishing trip with a buddy and we decide to fish spinnerbaits, we will each tie on a different color.  As a general rule we tie on dark colors in stained water and on cloudy days and we tie on lighter colors in the clear water on sunny days.  However, this is just a starting point.  Feel free to change it up until you find the color that the fish want.

3)Pay attention to the blades. Not only do spinnerbaits come in various sizes, they come with a variety of blade combinations.  Some are gold, some silver, others coppers, and some are even painted.  Some have willow leaf blades while others have Colorado blades, and some have a combination of both.  Just like with the color, it is a good idea to have your partner start with one totally different from your and then both switch to the most effective choice.

4).  Change up the method. I usually recommend fishing a spinnerbait on a reel that has at least a 6:1 gear ratio since you will be real a lot.  However, don’t just cast out and reel in.  You can run the bait just under the surface, a few feet down, or slow roll it across the bottom.  Experiment with reeling then letting it fall near cover or even bumping it into the cover.  The key is to find the method that the fish seem to like.  When you catch one, pay attention to exactly what you were doing then repeat.  If you catch multiple fish the same way, then you are onto a pattern. Repeat your method in similar areas of the lake.

Spinnerbait fishing can be very productive and lots of fun. My experience has been that it is even better when there is a little chop on the water. One of the best things about fishing a spinnerbait is that the fish strike it hard.  My advice is tie on a spinner bait and go fishing but be sure to hang on tight to your rod!

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