Wildlife Encounters Help Hurting Children

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May 14, 2019
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August 14, 2019

The most exciting thing that has ever happened in my time as a wildlife journalist-through all of the amazing wildlife, fishing and hunting expeditions around the world is not what many would think.

It wasn’t catching monster Wels catfish in Spain’s Segra River or shooting long-bearded gobblers in South Texas. Although that certainly rocks!

It wasn’t even breaking stories that exposed poaching syndicates or photographing mountain lions up close and personal. Those things were great but are not at the top of the list.

It is training terminally ill and other hurting children (abuse, in the foster system etc.) to become wildlife conservationists.

Me and my wife Lisa operate Kingdom Zoo Wildlife Center® where we use wildlife encounters to bring the love of Christ to hurting children. Our signature program is called Wild Wishes® and it grants wildlife encounters to children who have a terminal illness or have lost a parent or sibling. At the time of this writing we were preparing to grant our 89th wish!

Emily hangs out with a zebra and has gotten to meet many animals through the Wild Wishes program. The encounters have helped build in her an interest in wildlife conservation.

Some of our wishes have been things like rhino encounters while others were meeting the animals we have at our facility like our toucan “Papaya” and our Kinkajou “Irwin”.

We have started an offshoot of the program to help train these kids (the ones who have a heart and maturity for it) to become wildlife conservationists.

This video shares my heart for some groundbreaking work me and my wife Lisa are doing with some very special young people. If you have ever enjoyed any of my work please take time to watch. Maybe we can figure out a way to partner with access to wildlife or some other way to help these kids become what I know they can be. Email me if you have a heart for hurting kids and like what we’re doing.

Chester Moore, Jr.

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