EDITOR’S NOTES by Chester Moore – July 2019
June 24, 2019
INSIDE FISH & GAME by Roy and Ardia Neves – July 2019
June 24, 2019

Sand Trout Fan

I enjoyed reading your article on Sand Trout. For years I have been told that they do not freeze very well, tend to be mushy when thawed. I have not had that problem. Like you said put on ice right off the hook. I take one fish at a time out of the ice chest to fillet. The fillet goes in ice water until frozen.

If you like Tuna Salad? Try this, place fillets on cookie sheet and bake at 350 until it flakes. Squeeze all liquid out of the meat. Prepare just like you do your Tuna.

Ron Burrow

Bass Eats Bass

Just read your article in the May 2019 issue of Texas Fish and Game Magazine. The title caught my eye. As you can see from the pictures attached we have had the same experience. Neither of these fish were hooked; they were spotted at the surface of the water. My friend slowly trolled over to see what exactly was happening and found these two fish. He was able to capture and separate them. The larger fish was a 6 pounder and the smaller was 4lbs. Both were successfully released back into the lake. These pictures are from 2015 in a private club lake near Athens Texas.

Mike Leamon

Writer captured this shot in 2015 at a private lake, both released successfully. (Photo: Mike Leamon)

.45 ACP

Steve I read your 1911 article. I have been a subscriber for many years. I have a 1911 story for you, my Grandfather, a Major, 36th ID, WWl carried a 1911, he also fought Pancho Villa on the Border, my Dad, a Col., Ret. WWll, 36th ID and Korea, KMAG, carried the same gun and upon his death I got the pistol as I was a CPT INF 36th ID as they all were Infantry Officers. I Gave the pistol to my son – CPT INF 36th ID – Iraq and 2 trips to Afghanistan. How’s that for a story? I still remember the serial number. Enjoy the Magazine.

Carlyle Stakes

Mr. Stakes:

Thanks for sending your note on your .45 and its history in your family. I think such things are more special than words can possibly express. I have two weapons that I carried on duty with the Border Patrol. I will leave them to my daughters. I pray they have the opportunity to pass them on down the line.

I would also like to offer my own sincere thanks to you and your family for the patriotic duty you performed. I wish that more people had such fervor in their hearts. Thankfully we have over a million young men and women who still have such love for their country that they are currently serving in the greatest armed force the world has ever seen.

Steve LaMascus


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