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August 27, 2019
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Award-winning wildlife journalist, Texas Fish & Game Editor-In-Chief and conservationist Chester Moore and his wife Lisa are giving away a month-long North American Wild Sheep curriculum to any educator whether home, private or public school.“We are fully committed to wildlife conservation, and sheep conservation is right there at the top of the list for us. We want to do our part to see young people get an engaging education on wild sheep. They need to understand these great animals and know the role hunter-conservationists have played to ensure their future,” Chester said.

The curriculum is available now.

“We love wild sheep in the Moore household, and we want to educate young people about these great animals. This is our gift to wild sheep and to kids who love wildlife,” said Lisa Moore, a certified teacher of 22 years.

The Moores said they have been inspired by conservation groups like the Wild Sheep Foundation, Texas Bighorn Society and others that have contributed so much to these animals. This curriculum is the first step in their bringing cutting-edge wildlife conservation to home and private schools.

“We decided to do this while at 10,000 feet photographing bighorns in Colorado on our 20th anniversary. It was a dream come true moment for us, and we wanted to do something to inspire young people to get involved in the conservation of these iconic animals. It’s a great privilege to contribute even a small bit to help secure the future of wild sheep,” Chester said.

Moore said the bulk of what he learned early on in life about wildlife like bighorns for example was through self education.

“I watched amazing programs like ‘Wild America” and would spend hours at the library digging up anything I could possibly find on wildlife. Wild sheep have always been one of my favorites and even to this day in a public school setting it is hard to get this kind of information. We hope it helps educate and inspire people to take up the cause of sheep conservation.”

To get the free curriculum email [email protected].



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