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September 24, 2019
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September 24, 2019

Epic Fall Fishing

SUBTLE SIGNALS THAT the summer is winding down begin to appear to those of us who spend their lives outside.

The sun sets a little lower on the horizon, and the colors along the shorelines are more vibrant and deeper. The sounds of sandhill cranes calling overhead or the honking of a flock of geese flying high in the sky are some of the hallmarks of the arrival of fall.

For fishermen, the most important signal from Mother Nature is the drop in water temperatures. Cooler nights and mornings begin to drop water temperatures from the summer norm, and that one thing begins a completely new cycle of events.

The pressure to eat for survival is just not present during the long summer months. The water temperatures stay the same, and there’s plenty of food to eat everywhere.

However, when the water temperatures begin to drop, fish start to get the message that there’s a change coming. Fish begin to feed and feed hard as they begin to prepare for tough winter conditions that could mean life or death.

For anglers, this new zest for food means the fishing is seriously good. Also a fall trout spawn gives trophy seekers another shot at their personal best.

Fly fishermen have lots of shots at super skinny water reds, black drum and even big trout. The drop in water temperatures is the reason that fall fishing is known as “epic.”

There’s so much more besides fishing that’s “epic” at this change of season. Fall migratory species begin to arrive and for bird hunters this is huge.

Doves arrive on the north winds that come through every 10 days or so replenishing the fields for the dove hunters. Flocks of ducks begin to arrive and stage on the Bay for the beginning of duck season.

Birdwatchers enjoy all of the above, plus lots of new shoreline species and beautiful orioles, buntings, grosbeaks and warblers in the mesquites and huisache trees. The hawks and falcons, kites and other birds of prey are plentiful and fun to watch and photograph.

Living along the shores of the King Ranch and the Kenedy Ranch is astounding. The vast areas of land and its extreme remoteness is breathtaking and allows all manner of life to coexist in peace, without the interruptions of people or traffic. These places are the same as they were 500 years ago. To say these ranch shorelines are a treasure is a total understatement.

Baffin Bay is an incredible resource for fishermen, dove and duck hunters and birdwatchers, not to mention all of the species that visit or reside there.

Baffin Bay Rod and Gun is a private and comfortable place to stay, relax and eat, with Dave, our private chef, who creates some unbelievable dinners and desserts. Our guides are second to none, and the staff members are attentive and friendly.

Come join us in experiencing all of the beauty and serenity that Baffin Bay has to offer. You will love it!


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