Proof In The Performance: Nosler Ballistic Tip Ammunition

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You’ve spent countless hours checking cameras, tending food plots and scouting out your fall whitetail hunt. You researched rifles, calibers and optics before purchase and you’ve painstakingly dialed them all in to pinpoint perfection. So why in the world would you put all that hard work at risk by choosing sub-par ammunition? Nosler engineers understand that the final link between hunter and deer is the bullet. It’s the final factor between a harvested deer and a lost one.

This is why they have spent more than 30 years optimizing their line of Ballistic Tip ammunition, making it the perfect choice for whitetail hunters across the country.

As with any cartridge, the performance ends with the bullet, and the Nosler Ballistic Tip is the perfect combination of accuracy, consistency and power.

All of this starts at the tip, where a streamlined polymer tip improves aerodynamics, raises ballistic coefficients and protects against tip deformation in the magazine. Most importantly, the polymer tip initiates bullet expansion, helping deliver maximum energy into the target, helping drop deer in their tracks.

A special lead-alloy core is paired with a fully tapered copper jacket, leading to outstanding weight retention at almost any velocity. This is key in a hunting bullet, as the more a bullet breaks up on impact, the less energy that is transferred and the more meat that can be damaged. The base of the bullet is heavy, which helps drive that expansion at all practical velocities.

The best bullet in the world, however, does little good if it’s not delivered to the animal with the utmost reliability and superior reliability. Nosler’s Ballistic Tip ammo shines in this arena as well.

High-performance powders are matched to each bullet caliber and weight for optimal performance, accuracy and consistentcy.

From the 90-grain 243 Winchester to the new 180-grain 300 Winchester Magnum, Nosler offers Ballistic Tip ammunition in all the standard whitetail calibers and weights. Each round is hand-inspected before it’s packaged, ensuring you are getting a high-quality cartridge.

A whitetail in the freezer requires a lot of hard work ahead of time. Your bullet is the transition from pre-harvest preparation to post-harvest enjoyment. Don’t trust this pivotal moment to whatever basic hunting ammo happens to be on sale this week. You’ve prepared and planned for every day of deer season – you deserve ammunition that’s as well thought out as you are.

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