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Blade, Bottle Opener, Flashlight and Fire Striker

Traditional belts with holes and buckles are now a thing of the past.  Being locked down to 1″ increments and your waistline can be downright uncomfortable.

Slidebelts have a fully adjustable 1/4″ speed adjustable sizing that are not only comfortable, but downright useful.  The Survival Belt offers tools that can really help you out in a pinch.  Yet without much added bulk.

Custom Fit

First off – the Slidebelt itself.  Fitting up to 48″ waists you custom fit it to yourself.  This coupled with the attractive box, makes it a perfect gift without having to ask “Hey what is your waistline size?”

The Survival Belt comes in an attractive box.

The Survival Belt comes in an attractive box. Perfect for gifting.

Simply unroll the belt strap, figure your waist size, add two inches and cut.  Then secure the strap into the belt buckle with the lever. Spikes on the buckle dig into the strap so it never leaves.    Adjust as you wish in the future.The straps are available in black, tan, brown and olive drab.

Survival Belt Trimmed

You don’t even have to find scissors with the Survival Belt to cut to size.

The buckle works as a ratchet on the straps teeth.  To tighten just insert and listen to the positive clicks.  To loosen, raise the buckle and adjust or remove.  You can also order your belt with custom engraving.

Cool Tools

Of course the neatest part of the Survival Belt is the survival tools included in the buckle.  In less than a half inch thickness it conceals a blade, flashlight, bottle opener and fire striker.

For what the buckle conceals, it is surprisingly slim.

The titanium nitride stainless steel blade is slightly longer than an inch.  But don’t worry – it cannot be opened without also opening the buckle lever so you don’t have to worry about stabbing yourself inadvertently.  Also, the blade would be behind the belt.  So obviously you will need to remove your belt, or at least unstrap it, in order to use it.  The blade also locks open.  However the bottle opener that is constructed on the back of the blade is accessible with the belt being worn.  Handy!

Blade, Bottle Opener, Flashlight and Fire Striker

The flashlight/fire striker is one piece stored in the lower part of the buckle. It is retained very tightly and I had to pry on it a good bit to get it to release.  The flashlight activates by twisting the top of the lens and is powered by 4 LR621 batteries.  It’s not incredibly bright, but would be plenty enough to gather firewood or change a tire in complete darkness.  The Fire Striker gives a shower of sparks when scraped by a sharp object – like your belt blade!

Get One

Obviously this is not TSA approved.  But it should come with at least four “Mancards” because when you wear it you can always cut something, start a fire, see in the dark, and open a bottle.

You can get one from SlideBelts here for $150.  I believe it’s a heck of a gift.



  1. Bill Goeser says:

    Mr. Moore, I just learned of the new law that went into effect 9/1/19 requiring boaters to use a kill
    switch while the boat is moving. It would be nice to see a short article on how to comply. I added a velcro strap to mine after calling the local parks and wildlife office, but I can see how this can lead to differences in opinion on whether the strap is strong enough to dis-engage the kill switch.

  2. Mitchell says:

    I actually have one of their classic leather belts that my wife gave me and it’s super comfy. Didn’t know they had this cool version with a knife. Thanks for the tip