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August 27, 2019
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September 10, 2019
Walther Creed

The Creed is as bulky as it looks, but it gets the job done under $299!

Firearms can be pricey.  But not everyone can shill out $500 to arm themselves.  Walther knew this when they introduced the Creed 9mm giving an option of a quality budget handgun.

The Bad

I’ll just say it.  I think the Creed is fat, chunky and on the ugly side.  A passing glance could easily mistake it for a High Point.  I’m assuming this is all in the effort of shaving down the price and minimizing machine work.  The slide is especially bulky and large.  Due to it’s overall chubbiness I would never recommend it for concealed carry.  However, for a home defense firearm under $300 – absolutely.

Walther Creed

The Creed is as bulky as it looks, but it gets the job done under $299!

The Good

I was pleased that Walther retained their reputation in giving the Creed a good trigger.  It has a crisp and smooth break around 5 pounds.  Now it’s not as short a reset as my P99AS (the older version of the PPQ) but the Creed trigger is still much better than any factory Glock, S&W, or Springfield.

When charging the slide of the Creed I noticed it seemed quite easy to pull back.  I believe this is due to the single spring on the recoil spring guide as well as the large grip area allowed by a large slide.

The Creed is plenty accurate as well.  The natural point of impact was a little high for my ammo.  To adjust the front sight you would need to purchase a separate sight kit available from Walther.  In the video I was able to rapidly put 10 rounds from 10 yards in about 4″ group with Angelfire Ammo’s 147 grain 9mm.

Now part of the quick shooting in the video was due to the aid of the Olight PL-2’s laser.  You can get 10% off anything Olight when you use code “topshotdustin” from here: http://bit.ly/OlightFlashSale

The best price I’ve found for the Creed is $259 at BDU.  It’s a membership sight but it’s only $0.99 to try it out for the first month: https://lddy.no/aubi


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