Wildest Dreams Can Come True!

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The author with a Wels catfish caught in Spain's Segra River. This was a dream come true!


They are a flash of inspiration that fuels us to do great things, hope in trying times and a way God plants in us seeds of greatness. Unfortunately many from a young age are told their dreams will never come true. Think about your early childhood for just a second. You probably thought you could do ANYTHING. All things were possible. That is why when teachers ask kindergarten students what they want to be when they grow up they get BIG answers like astronaut. Kids really do believe they can be what they want to be.

When kids are young they believe anything can happen.

When kids are young they believe anything can happen.

Then at some point an adult comes along and squashes these ideas. They tell the kids don’t have big hopes or you will get disappointed or just flat out tell them they are not good enough to pursue their aspirations. For many this is a crushing defeat that lasts their entire lives and manifests itself in depression, anxiety and a deeply unfulfilled life.

I write this to bring you good news and that is your dreams are achievable. This note is geared toward those of you who like me have a passion for the outdoors but these ideals are not limited to these realms. This applies to everyone but my inspiration here to speak to my fellow outdoors lovers.

I challenge you not to reflect back on your past mistakes or glories but instead look to the future with serious focus and determination to make your outdoors dreams a reality. It is impossible to realize dreams without realizing you have them. Sit down with a pen and paper and think about the outdoors experiences you would like to have and write them down. They might be as simple as catching photographing your first owl or as big as starting a zoo.


The author’s life is proof that dreaming big, trusting God and working hard can lead to exciting things.

Never limit yourself because of what others may think or cut yourself short of dreaming big. Yes, certain situations might limit what we can do in some ways but the fact is God has no limitations and if we pray hard for his guidance doors will open we thought were impossible. Attaining these dreams can be healthy not only for the spirit but for the body as well. If you have unhealthy habits like smoking for example, consider the financial cost. If you smoke a pack a day at $4 a pack at the end of the year that is $1,460.

That’s an airline trip to Africa! Think about it!

If you were able to put down some bad habit, which could literally save your life or your financial standing, you could pay for your outdoors dreams and do so with money you are already spending. And this does not have to be smoking. This goes for those who drink a bit too much or simply spend too much on junk and pretty much all of us do that.

I will tell you right now there are people who will tell you can’t make you dreams come true and that your lifelong outdoors quest is “too big” for you. And to be perfectly honest, that is a good sign. When the critics come out (no matter how close you make think you are to them) that means you are stirring something in people. Those who will tell you that you cannot live your dreams are usually those who have not lived out theirs. Their sneers are based on jealously and not on a reflection of your abilities. Pray that they might see their dreams fulfilled.

Now take out a pen and paper and start thinking about what your dreams. Ask God to guide you and trust in Him to bring to life what you may think has been long dead.

And remember to dream BIG!

Chester Moore, Jr.


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  1. Martin Smith says:

    Chester Moore’s article on Wildest Dreams Can Come True was fantastic. Everything he said was true and hopefully will inspire readers to follow suit. But the most important thing he did was make it clear his faith played a crucial role. This nation, especially its young people, need God in their lives and, once connected to Him and Christ, will find success and joy. Despair and hate and violence will disappear. And popular media desperately needs to support and print or broadcast that message. Texas fish and Game deserves profound credit for standing up for what’s right. And spreading the Word is RIGHT!