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December 5, 2019
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The following are hog attack stories submitted by Texas Fish & Game and readers.

Back in 2017 my then husband Sam and I were hunting on our lease at Sergeant. A 125 pound boar came out and I took a shot at it well I jumped when I shot and it hit him just below the jaw and he ran off. My husband stepped out of the blind to go see where the hog had ran to and at that point the boar charged him.  Sam kept running and changing direction trying to get away from him but he kept charging! I was finally able to get a shot and kill him after Sam was clear. It was horrible and could have been worse. Since that day I no longer walk to my blinds and I carry a pistol in the woods.

Brenda C Hughes

On Dec. 29 2001 I was lighting a fire in the Rizzo cane poles. We were burning marsh. I went back in to light the fire, and a wild boar about 300 pounds was in the smoke just feet in front of me, and was charging me. . As I stood up to shoot it, I tripped over some dead grass and Rizzo canes, and the gun went off, and shot me in the left foot. The bullet went thru and hit the hog. They later killed it, and found a part of the bullet that traveled though my foot. I had surgery, and was very lucky to still have a foot, or even be alive. The bullet hit ¼ inch from the main artery in my foot. I was over an hour boat ride from town, and could have bleed out.

Don Jose

This hog may have pretty eyebrows but it is big enough to cause damage.

I grew up in the backwoods of Newton County.  As a child I spent a lot of time playing in the woods. My cousin and I were about 10 and 12 years of age. We were out in the woods one day and spotted some cute baby
pigs. We each picked one up planning to keep them as pets. The piglets were squealing of course. We heard snorting and blowing with the sound of something coming through the brush at us. Within a minute the Sow was
rushing toward us. We started running as fast as we could. And as quickly as we ran the Mama was closing in on us. I prided myself on being able to run fast but I promise you, pigs are faster. One of us had
the good sense the drop her pig. The other followed suit. Mama took abrief second to nose around on her babies to check them out. I am convinced those brief seconds saved us.

Angelina Primeaux

Thanks for sending me your Wilderness Wednesday” report about the woman being killed by hogs near Anahuac. People need to know that’s reality.

I’ve written several times that growing up in east Texas and spending much significant time in the Big Thicket along Beach Creek, my mentor, Uncle Josh Munro told me, “There are many things in the woods that can hurt you, Little Jack, but hogs can kill you … and eat you.

Reader interest spiked on this topic are a fatal hog attack near Anahuac, TX.

John Jefferson (Award-winning outdoor writer)




  1. Ed S Burrows says:

    Mess with a hog & the may mess with you ! Leave them be if you are afraid of an attack !

  2. John Manuel says:

    I was a member of Lake Bayou hunting club outside Vidor years ago. The islands in the cypress swamp were my favorite areas. I woke a 250 lb. boar and was charged. A .270 bullet entered the top of his head and exited below the jaw flipping him tail over head. I still have the main tusks which were about 4 inches. The scary part is one week earlier I had waded to the same island to squirrel hunt with a .22. After that I started carrying a .357 magnum revolver if I was squirrel hunting.

    Ed Holder laughed at my concern and said all l had to do was put a tree between me and the Hog. Ed was a lot braver than me.
    and cypress trees are hard to climb.

  3. Ken Jayne says:

    Two more “hog attack” stories:
    Several years ago, I hunted and helped in the round-ups on a large ranch, which besides cattle also had deer, hog, and exotic hunting operation.As a part of their archery hunting operation, they had trapped some hogs from the ranch and put them into about a 40 acre “trap”. Only archery hunters were allowed to hunt in this trap. Since the hog population was pretty dense, feed was provided on the back side of the tract. It was delivered by a pick-up.The foreman put out a couple or archery hunters for an evening hunt and left. When he came back to pick them up, they were not at the pick-up site. He walked in, calling for them as he walked. Finally, he heard yelling and screaming. He found the two hunters up in a tree with their bows on the ground. The hogs had heard the pick-up when he dropped off the hunters. To the hogs, it sounded like food, so about 30 or so came running to the sound of the truck. The hunters thought that they were being charged by bunch of hogs, and climbed the nearest tree, but couldn’t manage keeping their bows with them.

    I was camping on the same ranch, and shooting some culls for a “round-up and trail ride” BBQ. As I was walking along a trail going back to camp, I was suddenly charged by a very large sow. My rifle was slung over my shoulder, but I had a .44 Mag in my holster. I hit her between the eyes and she slid to a stop about 5 feet from me.

    As I looked around, I discovered why she charged. There was a bunch of piglets in the brush on the opposite side of the trail. I was between her and her litter. I did not see them until after the attack.

    Oddly, she had lost one of her front legs, but it did not slow her down!

  4. Bill Montgomery says:

    Here is an account of a hog attacking a squirrel hunter in Louisiana:

  5. Bart Franklin says:

    I’ve had 3 different wounded hogs charge me that I finished off w a shot to their heads from a few feet away, I killed over 50 hogs last season..I’m always leery and ready w my AR (plus I carry a glock 43 on my side) when I’m looking for wounded hogs or I’ll just wait until the next day to find therm if it’s getting dark.