COVID-19, Wild Sheep & Some Inspiration (Podcast)

COVID-19 And Its Impact On Wildlife, Hunting
March 28, 2020
Coronavirus And Its Shocking Global Impact On Wildlife
April 3, 2020

While the coronavirus dominates headlines and causes great fear around the world, there is an interesting parallel in the world of wildlife.

Join TF&G Editor-In-Chief and award-wining conservationist Chester Moore as he discusses the connection between what we are experiencing in this pandemic setting and what nearly wiped out wild sheep in America in the 1800s.

Also hear a a heartfelt story of how Chester and his Dad bonded over hunting scrapbooks and how it pointed him toward a higher calling of wildlife conservation.


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  1. John Josey says:

    I absolutely loved the pod cast Chester Moore did on the big horn sheep. It was really cool. When I retire I want to serve our king Jesus Christ with a higher calling. I would like to do missionary work for my church. I really never thought about serving the Lord through wildlife. That would be pretty cool sense my wife loves wild life also. Thank you Chester.