10 Foot Plus Rogue Waves Endanger Anglers In Texas Bays

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August 23, 2022
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August 23, 2022

Ever seen a 10 foot wave that went across an entire section of Corpus Christi Bay?

How about an even bigger wave with a sheer wall that nearly took out two anglers near Port O’Connor?

Then there’s the giant wave that smashed a 26-foot cabin boat near the Texas City Dike.

We have these stories and more from eyewitnesses/survivors, plus some information from a boating group trying to raise awareness to this growing issue.

Listen to the eyewitnesses share their stories in this wild podcast episode.

Listen via the player below or via the Dark Outdoors podcast on Itunes, Spotify and other major platforms.

Texas Fish & Game has been covering these stories over the last six months and has had tremendous feedback from anglers and boaters along the coast.

This episode has in-depth interviews with three anglers and an official who is trying to raise awareness to the issue in the Galveston Bay complex.

In case you missed Dark Outdoors episode 1, you can listen to it on the player below. It deals with the lurking danger of human predators in the wilds of America.



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