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We love to fish our home waters, but angling adventures in far-off lands are experiences to be treasured. Are you on the lookout for a cool new fishing experience that’s unlike all others? Here are three top picks to consider.

fishing for salmon

Salmon fishing on the Kenai River.

  1. Salmon fishing on the Kenai River in Alaska. Every outdoorsman will be blown away by the beauty of Alaska, and this state’s waterways are literally teeming with fish. One of the most famous is the Kenai, which has been called the “world’s greatest sportfishing river.” It supports runs of king, sockeye, coho, and pink salmon, along with strong populations of rainbow, dolly varden, and lake trout. One of the truly wild aspects of taking a salmon fishing trip here is the bear viewing. Bears like eating salmon as much as we humans do – maybe even more – and at times grizzlies stack up along the shorelines.
  2. Snakehead fishing on the lower DelMarVa Peninsula. Northern snakeheads were accidentally introduced into the DelMarVa tidal rivers, then underwent a population explosion. Huge swaths of shallow marshy areas that had low oxygen levels, high summer temperatures, and few spots deep enough for native sportfish, had long been a safe haven for countless minnow, juvenile fish, and tiny crabs. But snakeheads turned out to thrive in these areas and with few predators to compete with, began growing to enormous proportions. Today, “dragons” of 30-plus inches are relatively common and catches of dozens of fish per trip are possible.
  3. North Carolina giant bluefin. This is a winter fishery and it’s not always reliable year by year, but when the giants show up off the Carolina coast they present anglers with the chance for the battle of a lifetime. Weighing hundreds of pounds, these fish can tug unlike just about anything in the ocean – hook into one, and it’ll almost surely be the biggest fish you’ll catch in your lifetime. Savvy anglers dedicated to making this adventure a success will spend months at the gym training in advance.

So, which of these adventures gets your adrenaline pumping…. all of them? We thought so!


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