Kids Can Fish (And Throw This Special Cast Net)

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Promar and Ahi USA are proud partners of Kids Can Fish, a non-profit organization created by a girl named Caroline.

Kids Can Fish strives to inspire all kids and families to enjoy the passion of fishing together.

In 2021, a ten-year-old girl named Caroline Lewis created the Kids Can Fish Foundation. It all started in 2020 with a social media fishing community and YouTube fishing channel called Girls Can Fish.

The focus was to be more inclusive and highlight young girls who have a passion for the sport of fishing. Quickly, Caroline saw the importance of promoting the outdoors amongst all kids and had the idea to expand this platform into the Kids Can Fish Foundation.

The coming together of Ahi USA & KCF began during an exciting time of expansion for the Kids Can Fish Foundation. In early 2021, we were impressed with the foundations’ social media presence and immediately felt a connection as we share similar core values.

Around the same time, KCF held their first fishing clinic which proved how popular throwing cast nets are with young anglers.

Our admiration for Caroline’s abilities to connect with other young anglers led to a partnership and Ahi USA became the Official Cast Net of KCF. With the creation of the Jr. Angler Cast Net Series,


*QR CODE for Video Throwing Instructions

* Printed 6-Step Cast Net Throwing Instructions

* Fun Catch Log

Ahi USA has committed to contribute a portion of the proceeds to support KCF camps and continue promoting fishing for kids of all ages!


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