June 24, 2023
INSIDE FISH & GAME by Roy and Ardia Neves
June 24, 2023

Speckled Trout Hybrids

I read the article on speckled trout hybrids in the May/June issue with great fascination. I did some research on the orangemouth corvina they crossed the trout with and would love to catch one. Do you think there is a chance of the state ever stocking these hybrids again?

Terry Link

Editor: No, I do not think there will ever be speckled trout/corvina hybrids stocked again. In the article I mentioned how coastal officials were worried about corvina somehow getting into bay or Gulf waters and breeding with speckled trout and from what I have seen that is what killed the program. There were corvina stockings and also corvina/speck stockings. It’s not because they are not a native fish. We stock striped bass in numerous lakes and have an active rainbow trout stocking program and neither of them are native, but I think any kind of corvina stocking is a thing of the past.

Abu Garcia


The Brady Buck

Recently I drove through Brady and now when you enter the city, they have a big iron cut-out of the famous Brady Buck. You never hear about that buck anymore and growing up it was a really big deal. Why do you now not really know about the big bucks of Texas past like that? Thanks.

Conrad Anderson

Editor: It is because of the prevalence of bucks larger than that one on high-fenced deer ranches. Do an Internet search of Texas trophy deer and you will see buck after buck that are absolutely massive and they were created by selective breeding, protein feeding etc. And that’s perfectly fine, but it has made many forget about bucks that naturally get big. You don’t hear about the “hole in the horn” buck or the massive typical “Jordan buck” either. And that’s a shame because all of these deer are true marvels of nature.

Bond Arms


Cattle Mutilations

Chester, I listened to your podcast on the cattle mutilations and appreciated you and your guests looking at potential human-causes. Have you ever heard of a toxicology report on those cattle?

Mariah Henderson

Editor: Thank you very much. I never did hear about any toxicology report and could not get an official statement from law enforcement other than the press release that got the whole story out there. Neither could ABC news so I don’t feel too bad. There are some strange things going on with livestock in Texas right now as we have also covered horse killings that now seem to be spreading.

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