Kids Photograph Mountain Wildlife

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Last week, a special group of kids ascended into the mountains of Colorado to photograph wildlife.

The goal was to use photography to raise awareness to wildlife conservation and Texas Fish & Game has been kind enough to give us a place to show off some of their work.

This was the Higher Calling Wildlife “A Voice In the Wilderness” expedition and the centerpiece was taking children from the Wild Wishes program into beautiful, wildlife-filled places.

Wild Wishes grants wildlife encounters to children with a critical illness, loss of a parent or sibling and who have faced other traumatic situations and was founded by Chester Moore and his wife Lisa in 2014.

Here are some of the great shots from the trip.

Wild Wishes girl Kamille took this shot of a mule deer doe in Colorado Springs. Mule deer are facing challenges with competition from elk and whitetails, loss of migration corridors and increased predation.

Our Wild Wishes girl Juno takes a great photo of a bull elk. You’ll see it in the next shot.

Juno’s elk photo turned out great! Elk populations are not only growing in the Rocky Mountains but also in the Eastern United States where they have been restored in states like Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina.

Thirteen-year-old Delilah captured a beautiful moment between a cow moose and her young calf near Estes Park, CO.

Speaking of calves, Amber Borel got this great shot of a elk cow and calf. Many of the elk in the Estes Park area have collars to help track movements.

My daughter Faith got this great shot of a big bull elk.

We’ll be posting a video and more photos soon.

The mission fo what we do is to bring children facing special challenges to wild places and mentor them in conservation. We are teaching them to use photography to raise awarness of wildlife and the issues they face.

And we need your help as we have more expeditions planned.

Take a moment to think about your dark moments as a child and what it would’ve meant if you got to do something like this.

A tax-deductible donation of any size can be made by clicking here. You can also donate @kingdomzoo on Venmo.

And if you know of a. young person we could help on an expedition like this or a wildlife encounter, please email

Chester Moore


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