This Might Really Be “The Ultimate Bird Vest”

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July 6, 2023
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With the dove season opener just a couple of weeks away, it’s time to turn our attention to our gear, and that means taking a look at your hunting vest or bird belt.  And thinking about all the features you wish it had. 

That’s what the folks at Dove Gear did.  And this Rockport-based company has created what they call “The Ultimate Bird Vest”.  From our review, that’s just what it is. 

This vest is built tough and loaded with the features you expect, but also a lot of them you don’t.  The strap and mesh construction can comfortably handle a load of gear, while keeping you as cool as possible on those hot September days.   

Of course, there are ample shell pockets, and the flaps can be Velcro-secured both outside for security and inside to be out of the way when the action heats up.  Behind each shell pocket is a clever spring-closure security pocket for your phone, glasses or other valuables.

In addition to an ample and cleanable bird bag, there is also a zippered pocket in the back for your empties.  And a handy holder for up to a 32 oz bottle of water for you and your dog.

The unique six-way adjustability allows The Ultimate Bird Vest to fit any size shooter, from your pre-teen to your burly brother-in-law.  Dove Gear even offers a custom-embroidery program for corporate hunts, lodges and outfitters. 

We’ve reviewed lots of gear but have never seen a bird vest as well-engineered and constructed as “The Ultimate Bird Vest” from Dove Gear.   

Check it out at and get yours on order for the season opener. 

Use Discount Code TFG23 to save $10 per vest. 


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