CCA Texas Pledges $5 Million For Oyster Restoration

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September 6, 2023
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September 6, 2023

Low tides expose oyster reefs, which are full of life and usually full of reds.

The CCA Texas Executive Board recently pledged $5 million for oyster reef restoration across the Texas coast. With unanimous approval by all board members present at their August meeting, the CCA Texas board proudly dedicated the funding for future projects in areas that are protected from commercial harvest.

“We are excited to make this announcement and would like to thank our members, volunteers, sponsors and industry partners for their continued support,” said John Carlson, Chairman of the CCA Texas Board. “This level of funding would not be possible without the fundraising efforts at the grassroots level within our community chapters and we hope the membership takes satisfaction in knowing their efforts are returning to the water.”
“CCA Texas and the Building Conservation Trust, the CCA National Habitat Program, have already spent nearly $2 million for oyster reef restoration and oyster reef research in Texas,” stated Robby Byers, Executive Director of CCA Texas. “Understanding the natural and man-made threats to our bay systems, this additional $5 million is justified and necessary for the recovery of our oyster reefs.”

CCA Texas will work with non-profit, institutional and governmental partners to identify specific areas of need to ensure that project funding is complimentary to efforts with shared goals.


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