3 Cool Lure Types You Need to Know About

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We anglers love our lures. Sure, most of them are designed to catch fishermen as much as fish. Yes, we spend a paycheck’s worth on new lures far too often. But few things are as much fun as buying and trying new fishing lures. Here are three cool new ones we’ve come across lately.

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Check out these cool new fishing lures.

The Strike King Sexy Dawg Hard Knocker – Wait a sec, this one’s been around for years, right? Well, you may recognize this 4.5-inch-long, 5/8-ounce topwater with its realistic eyes and saltwater-grade Mustad hooks. And that rattling steel sound chamber may sound familiar, too. But you definitely haven’t ever seen the nine new color patters, like “lemon trout” and “gold croaker.”

The Aftco Blue Fever Crossbreed – Jigging spoons, from Aftco? You bet. And the Blue Fever Crossbreed leaves no doubt that these folks are true anglers. The carefully designed shape of this spoon along with center-weighting causes it to intermittently stabilize as it sinks, so it has an erratic fast-slow-fast fall rate that drives the fish nuts. Hooks are 4X trebles on oversized split rings, there are six different color patterns (“sardine” is what you see here in the picture), and spoons are available from 60 to 120 grams.

Hard Head Custom Baits Shad Head Jigs – Hard Head made some waves a few years back when they took their triangular jigheads and gave them an orange and white “candy corn” color pattern. Now they’ve expanded the selection radically, with candy blue, candy green, candy pink, candy yellow, and a metallic mix that combines all these colors with silver rather than a white, blue, black, or yellow base. In fact, there are so many to choose from that we’ve barely scratched the surface here. They come in packs of two for 3/8- to one-ounce, and single packs for 1.5- to 3.0-ounces. Heads also have a plastic barb and a skirt ring.

Okay: ready, set, go lure shopping!

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