Hen Houses Save Mallards

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October 17, 2023
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October 17, 2023

Hen Houses are the most cost-effective tool to increase mallard production. Targeted to areas of the highest mallard breeding density, Delta Waterfowl Hen Houses consistently boost nest success to more than 60 percent. In areas where ground-nesting mallards typically achieve nest success of less than 10 percent, Hen Houses can increase nest success up to 80 percent

Today’s efficiently designed “Supersites” are a direct result of Delta’s extensive research. These clusters of 100 or more Hen Houses are installed in relatively small geographic areas with high breeding mallard densities. Supersites send thousands of mallards into every fall flight, while reducing the cost of labor and fuel to produce ducks.

Delta maintains Hen Houses across the key breeding areas of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, North Dakota, Minnesota and Ontario. We currently have nearly 10,000 Hen Houses in place to protect hens and eggs from predators and increase duck production. Every year, these structures produce more than 45,000 ducklings.

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