LOWER COST FOCUS Lower Laguna Madre November/December 2023

FORECAST CENTER: Saltwater – November/December 2023
October 24, 2023
LOWER COST FOCUS Baffin Bay November/December 2023
October 24, 2023



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Snook, Snapper & Sleeping In

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NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER… it’s time to put the big gear down (for the most part) and start using our 2500-4000 size reels and give our arms a break… They’ve been working hard all summer throwing 10,000’s at big silver things. With the start of our cold fronts, usually around the end of October, it means that by early November lots of fish will be residing in deeper waters, or staging up to do so, especially snook. I feel that first cold front puts the fish on notice, they know something is happening, the inevitable is coming…. 

By the second or third small front, these fish are beginning to (if not already) stage up together in big groups getting ready for a push to deeper waters that provide consistency within the thermocline. By the end of the third front, or the first real big one, you can bet on the fish already being in the deepest water they can find. And in very big schools. This can provide anglers with amazing days on the water catching snook after snook if you’re fishing in the right areas. This time of year, myself and my clients are using 100% artificial lures on all trips, mostly bottom bouncing jigs and heavy shaky heads with our favorite soft plastics on them.

During these cooler months we can still get lots of very warm days with big temperature changes, days when the ride out is cold but by 10am you’re peeling layers off because you’re hot. These tend to be the days when the fish are most active. These warmer days during November/December can have some very good opportunities at mangrove snapper using one of my favorite methods for them, topwaters! These fish tend to get very aggressive toward topwater lures that are run parallel along sea walls and parked barges this time of year.

Flats fishing for redfish and trout picks up for me as well around this time. With the cooling water temps in the shallow waters, redfish and trout are more likely to attack artificial lures throughout the day. Potholes in margarita colored water is the ticket this time of year (did someone say margarita?).

Perhaps one of my favorite parts this time of year is that the fish tend to feed during the warmest part of the day, almost the exact opposite as during the summer when you’re trying to avoid the middle of the day. I’m actually more excited about it. I tend to do most of my fishing from 11-4 or 12-5. Who doesn’t like to sleep in and still catch the bite?


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