What Will TPWD Do On Trout Regs?

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The Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission meets Thurs. Nov. 1-2.

This meeting comes after several meetings in October to solicit angler opinions on speckled trout regulations. Trout are not currently on the agenda, but will they set an official proposal at this meeting to see public comment in the spring and then a vote?

(Photo: Matzuo America)

This was TPWD’s text for the press release on the meetings.

Following the February 2021 freeze event, which impacted tens of thousands of spotted seatrout, emergency and temporary reduced harvest regulations were put into place in several bay systems with the goal of accelerating recovery of the popular game fish. The temporary regulations expired on Aug. 31, and former statewide bag and size limits were reinstated.

We have two questions for you to leave in the comments below.

1.  What do you think TPWD will do in 2024 on trout regs?

2. What would (if anything) would you like to see TPWD do on trout regs?


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