These Are The Biggest Wild Hogs We’ve Ever Seen

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Monster Hogs

Tales of gigantic, long-tusked monster hogs prowling the woods of Texas and the American South have been told around the campfire for years. Now game camera and cell phone technology are showing many of these stories to be true.

Just how big do wild hogs get here in Texas?

A 300 pounder is a large hog. Anything bigger than 400 and those that top the 500-pound mark are monster hogs.

This illustration made to our specs by Charles Dunn shows how big a 400 pound hog is in comparison to the average adult black bear and grizzly. Many people would be shocked to know how many bear-sized boars are roaming the forests of the United States.

There are hogs in Texas biggest than the average grizzly. They are rare but they do exist.

Monster Hog Production

For monster hogs to exist they need three things.

*The right genetics


*Ability to reach old age

The vast wild lands of Texas offer all of those things and as you can see with these photos there are some huge hogs in the Lone Star State.

Photographic Evidence

If you have photos of monster hogs either dead or alive, submit them to We would love to include it in another blog post in the coming weeks.

For now check out this shot submitted by Josh Snearley from East Texas. This hog is a pretty good distance behind the feeder yet still looks huge. Generally animals in the foreground of photos like larger than life.

Not all monster hogs are black.











Brady Green’s shaggy hog is bigger than he is. It is easy to see this hog’s Eurasian lineage.












Look at the size and length of tusks on these two hogs submitted by Rene. Double trouble.












Any guess on this monster’s size?











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