Catching Crappie Limits On Toledo Bend

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November 20, 2023
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December 26, 2023

Crappie are my favorite fish to catch.

I’m known more for flounder but I will pass up going flounder fishing if the slabs are biting.

I recently had the privilege of fishing for big crappie on Toledo Bend with Capt. Steve Stubbe of Mudfish Adventures.

He is using a three-fold combination of jigs, a fish attractant and Livescope to find crappie in out of the way places many ignore and put his clients on limits.

Another interesting aspect of his approach is an 11 foot custom-made Mudfish Adventures crappie rod that allows vertical jigging and pinpoint precision over fish marked by the Livescope.

Check out Capt. Stubbe’s strategies in the video below. 

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Chester Moore (TF&G Editor-In-Chief)


The author caught this big slab while using Capt. Stubbe’s unique combination. He caught a limit in less than an hour.










Check out that school of crappie over a sunken stump!









Capt. Steve Stubbe prepares his jigs for battle.


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