Terrifying Sounds In The Outdoors: “Woman Hollering”, Weird Growls And Other Mysterious Sounds

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In the heart of the wilderness, a growing number of hunters, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts are reporting enigmatic sounds echoing through the woods, sparking intrigue and a sense of wonder among those who venture into the great outdoors.

Many have reported hearing something that sounded like a “woman hollering in the woods”? In the new episode of Dark Outdoors we dig deep into this topic.

In the first episode of the TF&G-sponsored Dark Outdoors podcast we not only talk about some of these sounds but we play them.

Here are a few things people need to consider when it comes to strange sounds.

  • Mountain Lions’ Return: One common explanation for these unusual sounds is the resurgence of mountain lions in areas where they were once rare. Predators have been making a comeback, and their eerie vocalizations have been startling those who are not accustomed to hearing them. The increase in mountain lion sightings and their distinct calls have fueled speculation among nature enthusiasts.
  • Restored Wildlife: Over the years, efforts have been made to restore the natural balance of ecosystems by reintroducing species that were previously absent. The return of wolves, coyotes, and other wildlife to their former ranges has led to unfamiliar noises in the night. These creatures, though integral to the ecosystem, have left many campers and hunters startled as they encounter the sounds of these reestablished species.
  • Exotic Animal Escapees: In an era where exotic animals are occasionally kept as pets or in private collections, the possibility of escape cannot be dismissed. Reports of strange animal noises have led to speculations about the presence of escaped exotics such as various Asian deer and even big cats.

As the mysteries of the wilderness continue to unfold, it’s a reminder that nature is full of surprises and that the great outdoors remains an ever-evolving place.

Want to hear some of these sounds including a primate proven to live in Texas? Click here to listen.


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