The Great Cougar Controversy

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December 26, 2023
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January 1, 2024

Cougars are one of the most controversial animals in North America.

Whether it’s their depredation on mule deer, whitetails and other game animals or whether there are breeding populations easf of Texas, some debate always follows the species.

Perhaps the greatest cougar debate of them all is whether or not there are black cougars. There have been thousands of alleged “black panther” sightings in America over the years. And the general assumption is those are black cougars. Watch this video to get a more in-depth look at the issue of possible black cougars.

One thing we know about black cougars is there has been some fakery.

Fellow investigator Todd Jurasek heard about a large black cat mounted at a restaurant in his home state of Oklahoma from researcher Glenn McDonald.

What he found is what he believes is a black cougar that had been dyed black.

“I saw on the hind parts what looked like areas where the dye didn’t take or is wearing off. It definitely looked like a cougar and didn’t have any spots like a melanistic jaguar or leopard would have,” he said.

I have seen a taxidermist advertising the option to turn cougar mounts black as well.

If you have any photos or videos of cougars of any color email to

Check out the video and share it and this story with anyone with an interest in this topic.

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