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Shipping a boat can seem like an insurmountable task, but when working with a company like A1 Auto Transport, it’s easy as heck.

Below we’ll go into who is A1 Auto Transport, how they can help ship your boat, and how to ship a small boat, and much more.

Are you ready? Check it all out below.

How A1 Can Help Ship Your Boat

While it may seem easy to ship a boat yourself, after calculating everything together, you’re going to end up spending far more than if you simply hired another company to do it for you. A1 Auto understands the importance of keeping your boat safe during shipping.

They even go to lengths of shrink-wrapping your boat, to prevent any moisture damage or abrasions that can occur to the hull. They also can easily transport any boat with wheels, even over international travel.

But if your boat doesn’t have wheels or is larger like a yacht, then they can crane it onto a larger boat for travel.

If they’re shipping it domestically, almost any sized boat can fit on the back of a big-rig truck, making it super easy. If you’re a little nervous about having your boat be seen during transport, they can also ship it in an enclosed trailer.

They can also help private owners, dealers, brokerages, and even manufacturers of boats that need to ship their boats to clientele around the globe. You can learn more about the details of boat shipping here:

There is no obligation to get a free quote from A1 Auto, and you’re free to make your own final decision at a later date. Knowing the prices ahead of time can be fairly helpful in understanding what to expect, and you can always negotiate down the price between transport companies.

How Can A1 Auto Ship Small Boats?

A1 Auto can also ship small boats, along with any size vehicle. They do ask you to do a few things to prepare your boat:

First, start by cleaning your small boat and remove any loose items like fuel, paint, or oil. Then, secure any latches and make sure your doors are tied shut using zip ties, rope, or even tape. You’ll want to be careful with the type of tape you use so it doesn’t bring up the paint on the boat.

Once that’s done, remove any loose items like anchors and keep your belongings with you. Any loose items are not going to be insured and can easily fall out of your boat during shipping. Make sure all the windows are closed and locked to avoid any damage during shipment. This also includes cabinets, so ensure they’re properly secured.

Detach any electronics on the inside, and disconnect any gas appliances you have. A1 Auto also recommends disconnecting the battery, just to ensure safe travel. Once all of this is finished, you can check out to learn more about small-boat shipping.

How Has A1 Auto Transport Stayed in the Business for 30 Years?

A1 Auto Transport has been shipping vehicles for well over 30 years. Not only do they ship boats, but they also ship yachts, planes, SUVs, luxury vehicles, and everything in between. They’re run by president, Tony Taylor, who started transporting vehicles himself over 30 years ago, and now runs the company.

They also are guided by Joe Webster, Director of Marketing, who has helped A1 Auto stay relevant while the company has gone mostly online. It’s a difficult market, but both of them together have shaped A1 Auto to be one of the best companies around for any type of vehicle shipping.

You can check out their many reviews online or even give them a call. There are no obligations to get a free quote, and you’re able to check out many different prices from carriers before you make a final decision.


Entrusting your boat shipping needs to A1 Auto Transport is a decision backed by over three decades of expertise and reliability. Their commitment to safeguarding your vessel, whether small or large, domestic or international, is evident in their meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive range of services.

With a dedicated team led by industry veterans like Tony Taylor and Joe Webster, A1 Auto Transport has not only adapted to the evolving landscape of vehicle shipping but has also set the standard for excellence in the field. Whether you’re a private owner, dealership, brokerage, or manufacturer, A1 Auto Transport stands ready to facilitate seamless and secure transportation for your prized possessions.

With their customer-centric approach, transparent pricing, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, A1 Auto Transport emerges as the top-rated choice for all your boat shipping needs.


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