TX Feral Hog Attack Survivor Speaks

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February 11, 2024
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February 13, 2024

Human-wildlife conflict is on the rise and feral hog interactions with people and their pets is a major part of the issue.

On this episode of Texas Fish & Game-sponsored Dark Outdoors, we take an exciting and serious turn as it unravels the life-threatening encounter of our guest, Ricky Morgan with a large wild boar. We also explore the disturbing upsurge of hog attacks in the South, West, and Northeast of the U.S. that have resulted from the ever-increasing intersection of human and animal habitats.

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Relive Ricky’s harrowing account of his encounter, a stark reminder of the potential dangers faced by outdoor enthusiasts, alongside valuable survival strategies. Learn about defensive techniques using simple tools like a walking stick, providing protection from life-endangering animal bites.

Beyond formidable wildlife encounters, the episode delves into disturbing unsolved mysteries and missing person instances from the North American wilderness. We delve into the unresolved case of Thomas Irwin, a 73-year-old man who mysteriously disappeared from Mesa Verde National Park.

As we move further into the wild, enjoy a eye-opening discussion about seemingly harmless wildlife encounters that can transform into survival situations. You’ll hear of aggressive black bears, and how the horrifying experience of a man surviving a wild hog attack, elucidates the need for constant vigilance in the wild.

Not just surviving animal encounters, the podcast arms its listeners with invaluable self-defense tips. Hear how the human mind is your best weapon in the wild, with practical advice on threat observation, situation assessment, and how to avoid falling into a trap when attempting a rescue operation.

In light of rising human trafficking cases, the speakers expound on the necessity of exercising caution, encouraging carrying a firearm when legal. The episode concludes with an enlightening exploration of the real threat posed by feral hogs, different from what is often portrayed by the media. The discussion ends with expert recommendations on recognising and evading hog-related dangers.

Through this gripping episode of Dark Outdoors, we aim to shine a light on the stark realities of the wild. It emphasises the importance of mental preparedness, practical training, and respect for the wilderness and its inhabitants.


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