Great White Shows Up Nearshore South Of New Orleans

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A 14 foot, 2.600 pound great white shark has showed up south of New Orleans, La. just a few miles away from the South Pass area.

“LeeBeth”, was fitted with an Atlantic White Shark Conservancy satellite tag by Capt. Chip Michalove off the coast of South Carolina Dec. 8, 2023.

Since then this massive shark has taken an epic trip from the Atlantic to near the Texas/Mexico border at South Padre Island to the Texas/Louisiana border south of Sabine Pass and now in the Mississippi River Delta region.

“LeeBeth” photo courtesy Capt. Chip Michalove.

Leebeth pinged, which means she breached the surface where a satellite could pick up the signal 8:15 a.m. Friday March 15.

She is not the only great white that has visited the area this year.

“Crystal” and “Keji”, both great whites tagged by research group Ocearch showed up in the same general area in January.

The idea of great white sharks in the Gulf of Mexico might seem strange but it is part of their native range.

Leebeth’s last ping at the time of this writing. Download the Sharktivity app from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy to keep up with her movements.

There has also been newly revealed reports of great white sharks seen by wadefishermen in the Chandeleur Islands. Click here to read the full story.

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