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May 17, 2018

Is It Illegal To Eat Deer Meat At Camp?

Camp Meat Questions Did you know you may not process a deer meat beyond quarters at your deer camp unless the camp qualifies as a final destination? “While in camp you may remove and prepare a […]
May 17, 2018

So What Is Arctic Ice?

As a lifelong outdoorsman, I love products that can save time, save space and, most of all, save money. Arctic Ice does all three of these things quite well. I discovered Arctic Ice last November on […]
May 17, 2018

Tips And Tricks For Offshore Fishing

Catching Toothy Fish Offshore Want to catch big, toothy fish offshore in the Gulf of Mexico this summer? The following are tips and trategies for the most hardcore fish in Gulf waters ranging from live baits to […]
May 17, 2018

Arctic Ice At Hunting Camp

As long as I have been a hunter, I have depended on a good cooler to preserve my game meat and, recently, I added a Frio Vault 24 softside cooler to the mix for keeping my […]
May 17, 2018

Danger In The Woods

It was a perfect setup for the mission. There did not seem to be a danger lurking anywhere. That mission was to try out our new night vision goggles and to record night wildlife sounds in […]
May 17, 2018

Arctic Ice For Everyday Use

As outdoors enthusiasts, many of us depend on bags of cubed ice for our hunting, fishing and camping adventures. It’s a necessity to keep beer, soda, food and other things we have to keep at refrigerated […]
May 17, 2018

Arctic Ice: With Or Without Ice?

Arctic Ice, With or Without Ice I have used Arctic Ice products for the past few months and experienced some fantastic results and saving money on buying ice at the corner store and keeping things cold […]
May 11, 2018

Which Meats Spoil Fastest? Is That The Question We Should Be Asking?

A constant debate among cooks and hunters is which meats spoil fastest. In reality the real issue is not which spoils fastest but what temperatures are safe to not only cook meat but also transport or […]


Colder Than The Rest

Trusted and used by the most experienced sportsmen to keep their game cold and fresh, ARCTIC ICE is the most reliable and longest lasting reusable cooler pack available.

ARCTIC ICE: no hassle, no mess, colder than the rest.

Tundra Series

ARCTIC ICE Tundra Series offers you a very unique temperature point for which you can you keep anything cooler. The Tundra Series is a liquid that has a 5 degree freezing point and requires quite a bit of energy to melt it at that 5 degrees. So it is uniquely and perfectly designed to keep your cooler frozen.

Tundra Series in the Wild

ARCTIC ICE Tundra Series is perfect for the sportsman who likes to venture into the wild. TEXAS FISH & GAME Editor Chester Moore offers some tips on using this incredible technology for better hunting, camping and wilderness adventures.

Chillin' Brew

Chillin' Brew falls right between the Alaskan series and the Tundra series. Chillin' Brew, with its 28-degree freezing point is designed to keep your cooler colder than ice. Chilling' Brew comes in four sizes, starting with the extra=large 5-pound size. Purchase two Chillin' Brew containers, which replace a 10-pound bag of ice and never need to buy bags of ice again!

Lou Marullo Tests the Chillin' Brew

TEXAS FISH & GAME Hunting Editor Lou Marullo testifies that the Chillin' Brew passed his TEXAS TESTED review with flying colors.

Arctic Ice Options

ARCTIC ICE features the Alaskan Series, the Tundra Series and Chillin’ Brew. Each one has a specific freezing point: The Tundra Series, with a 5-degree freezing point, is designed to keep your cooler in a frozen state. The Alaskan Series keeps things refrigerated without risk of freezing, and Chillin’ Brew, at 28-degrees, keeps beverages colder than ice can.

Arctic Ice Offshore

TEXAS FISH & GAME Editor Chester Moore shares some of his thoughts on how ARCTIC ICE can be used to make offshore fishing trips more enjoyable and more productive.